I’ve finally started to like hanging out with Itty Bitty.  Trust me, he’s been no day at the park. Between the terrible birthing experience, and then the colic, and then the even worse sleeping habits, he’s really tested my mettle. But, now that we actually have a chance to hang out and enjoy each other’s company, a favorite pastime of ours is to sit down and listen to music together.  Maybe it’s because we played all different kinds of music for him in the womb, or when he was a slithering/crying mess of an infant – but he really enjoys hearing cool and different musical sounds.  So, here are his top ten favorite tracks of music (of the moment) he can’t help but jam out too.  And trust me – they’re eclectic, just like Itty Bitty.

10. Pressure Drop – The Clash

What can I say? The kid loves The Clash.  I love watching his little legs kick as we rock out to this song.  The first time he heard it, he just kept signing, “more, more, more.”  It was hysterical.

9.  Rocky Road To Dublin – The Dubliners

Discovered completely by accident, I was driving listening to another track on this list and it this song came up right after. Itty Bitty was eating oatmeal, and it literally went everywhere upon hearing these tunes. And, of course, he wouldn’t let me move to another track after he heard this one.

8. The Gilmore Girls Theme Song

Another accidental discovery.  For some reason, Itty Bitty LOVES The Gilmore Girls television show.  Maybe because Lorelai Gilmore is so witty, or because he really appreciates the familial interplay and politicking each episode, but he gets all smiles when he hears the first words, “If you’re out on the road…”  Well, who doesn’t love Carole King, right?

7. Dry The Rain – The Beta Band

There isn’t a single person on the planet that doesn’t like this song.  Seriously, I challenge anyone to find ONE person that won’t listen to it.  And, that’s what I did to Itty Bitty the other day – I played it and I swear on everything holy in this world, I saw his head bob to the irresistible beat.  Naturally, he wanted more and more.

6.The Son Of Flynn – Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

Here’s a bit of an odd duck.  I was watching the Blu-Ray one day and when this song came on he kept signing for more. So I tested his desire by playing it on my iPod one day and he did the same thing.  Was totally surprised by this inner need for techno.  Now I just have to keep him out of the clubs….

5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd

You’ve probably read how we made our kid a stoner by now.  But now, he’s graduated to full on stonerdom.  No longer does he listen to just Dark Side Of The Moon anymore – oh, no – he specifically requests Wish You Were Here and this is his favorite track.  Especially right before bed.  I put some head phones on him and watch his eyes track where he thinks the sounds are coming from.  It’s glorious.

4. I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before – Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack

So this was the track I was listening to originally when he freaked out about Rocky Road To Dublin.  There is no denying he is his mom’s son because this is also Tall Mom’s favorite track on this album.  They both dance and gyrate like idiots when they hear it, and it’s adorable.  Just listen to it, you’ll gyrate like an idiot too.  It’s impossible not to 🙂

3. Gold On The Ceiling – The Black Keys

Remember how I said he was his mom’s son?  Well, I’ll tell you what – he’s definitely his dad’s son too.  He taps his hand to the beat on his car seat every time (without fail) to these golden tunes.  And by god, does he love The Black Keys as much as his daddy.

2. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song

I’ve never seen a human being more into a song than Itty Bitty is with this track.  Every time it comes on TV, he jumps out from whatever he is doing and mimics (exactly) Mickey Mouse’s dance.  In fact, I don’t think he likes the show as much as he does the theme.

1. Married Life – Up Soundtrack

Oh, Michael Giacchino, how you’ve changed our lives.  This is the big one ladies and gents – Rhys’ favorite song.  Maybe because we played this for him in the womb, when he was born, when we hung outside on the porch, or whenever we just need him to calm down – he FREAKING LOVES this song.  No matter what mood he is in, he’s down to hear it played.  He calls it, “Balloons!”  Apropos I suppose.

So those are my kid’s favorite tunes at the moment.  He is so funny with that he likes and reacts to on such a primal basis.  He hasn’t really taken to The Beatles yet and I’m honestly surprised about that given his affection for Rock n’ Roll.  But, I suppose I have another good ten years to brain wash him 🙂

What songs do you play your child?

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