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It’s weird, but being pregnant has made me think a great deal more about things that I put on, as well as inside, of my body. I’ve come to realize that what I eat, or use, doesn’t just affect me, but also the tiny baby who is growing inside of my belly.  Sounds stupid of me to just recognize this fact now – but, heck, I’m pregnant, I do what I want 🙂

I was amazingly healthy when I was pregnant the first time. I ate well, exercised daily, and was the ideal pregnant woman. I read the books, took my daily vitamins, and prepped for my birth and baby.
This particular pregnancy has been very different. I’ve battled extreme morning sickness, have been a hermit and gained a little more weight than I would have liked to because of this super snowy winter (also by being super lazy but we’ll keep that secret between us!) 
I have recently been plagued with a terrible virus and severe sinus infection that is taking well over a week to get over. 
This pregnancy has been hard.  Really hard – both physically and emotionally. 

But one way I have kept up with my goals has been to use more natural health and beauty products. 
Baby steps, sure, but these little steps have helped me reduce the chemicals in not only my life, but also the rest of my family’s.

    One change I’ve made is to use Tom’s of Maine deodorant. My favorite is currently the Unisex Long Lasting Apricot. I’ve read various articles about how chemically laden deodorants can do bad things, and possibly lead to breast cancer. I already have a family history with breast cancer, and am also planning on breastfeeding this new baby, so the more natural I can make my deodorant the better.

    Another item I’ve begun using has been Tom’s of Maine’s Whole Care® Peppermint and Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste. Dental health during pregnancy is super important. All of the hormones can do wacky things to a pregnant Momma’s gums. I found out that my gums were acting up at a recent dentist visit, and they recommended that I amp up my toothbrushing regime. 

    I purchased a fancy electronic toothbrush that specializes in gum care, and picked the whole care toothpaste because it seemed to be exactly what I needed in addition to being safe for me and my baby.

    I’ve swapped out a bunch of my usual hair care products and have greatly lessened my trips to the salon to cover my grey hairs. I haven’t quite found a more natural product that covers my stubborn silver strands as well as I’d like, but I have hopes that I will either go grey quickly and be a silver fox, or a more natural product will come along that rocks. Until then, I’ll still see my hair stylist occasionally.

    Little lifestyle changes like these make a big difference in my life, and I’ve been able to slowly help my family be introduced to more green products over time. Tall Dad’s toothpaste ran out, and he’s loves Whittington toothpastes, so I picked him up the Antiplaque & Whitening Peppermint Fluoride Free Toothpaste, and I got my two year old son the Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry™ Fluoride Toothpaste. 
    Neither of them had to go out of their way to do anything differently in their routines, I just switched out their toothpastes, and now I can be happy that better products are being used on their bodies. 

    I really like Tom’s of Maine products because they are made with no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, or preservatives. 

    Our family isn’t “crunchy” by any means, as much as I’d like to be. Growing up, my family always recycled, had a compost bin, and grew a great deal of our own food. When I met my husband I was shocked to realize that he never once learned how to recycle, nor had he eaten a strawberry unless it had been in a milkshake. 

    Being green is something I want to help teach my family, even through small changes like toothpaste choices. I want my kids to grow up exploring the outdoors, enjoying the sunshine rather than screen time. I love how interested my son is in the animals that play in our backyard, and how much he smiles just breathing in the fresh air.

    As he grows up, I hope to do fun activities with him around Earth Day, and even teach him that Earth Day can be every day!

    This is how my family makes natural choices. What does your family do to celebrate Earth Day?

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