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I just finished crying to myself in the shower. For the second time today. Why? Because I’ve been super sick this week. Like down and out, tissues stuffed in my nose, popsicles for dinner kind of sick. I’ve spent more money at my local drugstore this week than I’ve made at my job because I’ve had to call out sick three out of four days. Being sick stinks. Being pregnant and sick really stinks, because 99% of medications are off limits. 

I blame New England’s never ending winter as the culprit to my illness. Well, that and the fact that my adorable toddler made me super sick. I love him, but he is a little germ carrying culprit. 

Now is not the time for me to be sick. I’m entering my ninth month of pregnancy, have a demanding yet lovably toddler, and I have two very important concerts this week. 

I’m a chorus teacher who can’t speak. If I try to speak, after two words I cough, and since I’m pregnant, when I cough I pee myself. It’s a beautiful cycle of embarrassment. 

My meals have been herbal tea with honey, and the occasional english muffin with peanut butter and jelly. I felt like I should have received a trophy this morning when I pulled myself out of bed to actually take a shower.  

I’ve been in touch with my doctor more that I have been with Tall Dad, and even had a lovely trip to the ER.  While there I couldn’t speak so I had to write down what I was feeling, my medications, and why I was there. I wished some of them knew baby sign language because that would have made my conversation move a lot faster.

Needless to say, there will be no photos of this Tall Mom in this post.

Instead, you can just imagine me, with tissues stuck up my nose, a popsicle in my mouth, and I’m spooning my humidifier.  I like to think I look like Princess Anna from FROZEN when she wakes up on Coronation Day, with her hair all a mess….but then I see myself in the mirror and I realize I look more like Emperor Palpatine from “STAR WARS, The Return of the Jedi.”

Breaking away from the glooms of winter sickness can be super hard, especially while one is still sick. One of the worst parts about getting sick is how one’s house looks and smells during that time.

I know you know what I’m talking about. The fever-sweat-soaked sheets, she half filled trash basket of used tissues, and the piles of dirty laundry from my “coughing accidents.”

Combine my sickness with the fact that I have a busy toddler, two cats who decided this week that they don’t like using their litter box, and we have ourselves one stinky and chaotic house. 

I’m trying to keep my cool. Yes, I have cried in the shower today, twice, but who hasn’t cried when they’ve been super sick? Right?

I’m holding it together because of the following tips I’m going to share with you. Being pregnant and sick sure does stink, but that doesn’t mean your house and family has to as well.

1. Hire a Housecleaner, even if it’s just temporary. 
I’m too sick to vacuum and wash floors, but that doesn’t mean my toddler stopped being a sticky messy boy. I’ve hired a delightful Housecleaner to come and wash away the sick germs of this bug, as well as tidy up my house so I’m not embarrassed when guests come by for Easter.  That is, if I’m feeling better by Easter. If not, at least I’ll have a pretty house to look at while I watch a Harry Potter marathon with my box of tissues.
2. Keep your house smelling clean and fresh. 

If the weather is warm enough, open up some windows in your home for a few hours during the day.  

Ask for help with pet clean up and feedings, because those little critters can sure get messy! 

Another way I’ve kept my house smelling it’s best is a new product called Aroma Breeze. 

It’s waxless, uses no heat, is portable and child/pet friendly. I can either have it battery powered so I can bring it all around my house to different rooms, or I can plug it in for continuous scent. 

I’ve already gotten complements on how fresh my house has smelled from family who have visited me while I’ve been sick. Some have actually used the words “your house smells lovely,” which makes me feel bad about what it was smelling like before I started using my Aroma Breeze.

I’m honestly really pleased with the Aroma Breeze. I can either plug it into the wall or use it with batteries. It’s safe, clean, stylish and fits in our household perfectly. 

There are tons of fragrance system devices to choose from and a ton of affordable halo fragrances to choose from at select Walmart stores or 

3. Ask for help. 
When you’re sick as a dog, you need to eat a big piece of humble pie and ask for help. Need medicine, food or chicken soup? Ask someone to drop it off. For me, I’ve needed help with my son, as I’ve been confined to my couch. 

My parents took shifts yesterday helping play with him and change his diapers so I could rest and work on recovering. Today a friend is spending the day watching my little man. It’s been such a help having someone play with my toddler while I can nap throughout the day. 

The last few times I have gone to the drugstore I’ve been miserable. The fifteen minute wait has been eternity with my aching body and sore throat, and I got so cranky one time that I ripped open a frozen popsicle in the store, took a seat, and pouted while I ate the popsicle right then and there.

Not one of my finer moments. 

Today I knew better, and asked a friend to stop by the store for me on his lunch break. He even brought me a frozen drink. It was like heaven, and best of all, I didn’t pout in public!

4. Let go of the guilt. 
Seriously, pretend you are Elsa and say “Let it go!” Let go of the guilt and shame you feel about being sick. The workplace will go on without you. Your house won’t fall apart if you’re sick for a few days. Your toddler won’t become an invalid if you resort to multiple hours of Thomas the Train movies while you try to relax. 
Let it go and make getting healthy your number one priority!
Taking these easy small steps doesn’t necessarily heal me from my illness, but it makes me feel a bit better about my household. 

Now if you excuse me, my Netipot is calling my name.

I promise to be back to the blog soon, once I am over this severe sinus infection. Until then friends, I’d love some help:

What tips do you have for battling illness when you have a toddler? 

Talk soon friends,