Memorial Day Weekend finally arrived, and the weather has been nothing but perfection here in Rhode Island. 
I’m still waiting for my new tiny baby, but have found a new sense of patience by spending these last few days with my son. He is my only child for just a few more moments! 

We have spoiled him rotten with extra kisses, hugs, “noses,” and have even found more patience when he’s woken up in the middle of the night. 
Tall Mom kissing her son
This little man has been the light in our world for the past two years, and I personally can’t wait to see him become a big brother! He has such a fun loving and kind nature, that I know he is going to be so sweet to this new tiny baby when we bring her home.
Toddler holding dels lemonade in Rhode Island

Tall Dad and I have already talked about ways that we can divide and conquer the juggling act of two kids. Tall Dad will take the lead with our son, as I will be the main one with our newborn – especially because I plan on breastfeeding again…and Tall Dad can’t really help out in that way. 

toddler smiling wearing cute teal shirt
Our newest tiny baby is taking her time entering this world, and that’s alright. Sure, I’m big, swollen and more often than not uncomfortable, but these last couple of weeks have been a true delight with our little man!
For those of you with more than one child – did you feel the need to soak in extra one-on-one moments before the birth of your next?
Talk soon friends,