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Having a second baby has given Tall Dad and I a lot of insight into what baby items are NEEDED/ NICE/ and otherwise UNNECESSARY.  For example, this go-round we have ditched the big bureau, and instead just use our tiny baby’s closet instead to hang her clothing. We also figured out how simple a diaper changing station can be – especially if you live in a multi-floor home like we do. 

We have a big beautiful changing table in our tiny baby’s room, but most of the time she is either sleeping in our bedroom, or is with us downstairs. Needless to say, we don’t really use her changing table that often. Instead, I have made two bins – filled with the three essentials needed for a newborn’s diaper changing routine.

Ready to see how simple this is?  

For a super duper essential newborn diaper changing station, you will need: 

1. Diapers
2. Wipes
3. A change of clothing

That’s it!

Now I could throw in a swaddle or changing pad base, but I always have a swaddle or cloth diaper lying around our newborn for spit-up clean ups. I use these swaddles and cloth diapers as a barrier for our table or floor.

Rather than purchase a big pack n play changer/sleeper combo – we have saved space in our home, and just choose to change our little lass wherever we are.

– I keep two extra outfits in the bin, because newborns frequently spit-up or have massive blowouts. One is a cute daytime outfit, and the second is a sleeper outfit.

– I also keep a big stack of diapers – seeing as how newborns can dirty up to like 15 diapers a day!  I have a stash in her bedroom, our bedroom, our family room, our basement, and her diaper bag. We are prepared no matter where we are in or out of the house!

– Last, I have a steady supply of diaper wipes. My favorite brand right now are WaterWipes – and I’ll discuss this more later!

As you can see, all three of these items fit into a small cute basket that we just keep underneath our coffee table.  This has saved us from having to purchase another big piece of baby furniture for downstairs. Having a baby can add a lot more “stuff” in your home, and Tall Dad and I try to be minimalists with the amount of gear we keep in our common rooms.


So I left some items off of my list for our diaper changing essentials that some of you may ask about:

Hand sanitizer — I always wash my hands after I do a diaper change, unless I’m on the road. I like the feeling of soap and water much better to a gel sanitizer!

Diaper changing pad — as I said before, we just use her swaddle or burp cloth. I also never remove a diaper without a brand new one already under her bum. This may look funny, but I have caught many accidents on this second diaper that would have otherwise been a catastrophic mess. Instead, I just toss the second diaper as well and move on to another clean diaper.

Diaper Cream — If this changing bin was for my toddler son, who gets wicked bad diaper rashes when he is teething – I would include some kind of diaper cream.  But this bin is for our newborn, and diaper rashes haven’t been a problem so far. I breastfeed, so I know that that helps keep her lady parts clear.  I also have switched to chemical free diaper wipes – called WaterWipes – which I have found to be a whole lot less irritating on our sensitive skinned lass.

WaterWipes are a premier European brand that only contains two ingredients – 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. They are super durable and effective – and are a more natural option for our little lady.  I want to keep her skin and body as chemical free as possible for as long as possible!

I know when we were in the hospital, they didn’t even offer us wipes. They instructed us to wipe our tiny baby with facecloths and warm water. Many people continue this at home, especially if their child has sensitive skin like mine does.

We have tried a few types of wipes already, and some made our baby’s skin red and uncomfortable looking. After looking online, I came across WaterWipes and thought I’d give them a try. They are currently in Babies “R” Us stores, and through July will be on sale –  2 packs for $6.


WaterWipes Babies “R” Us Promotion!

So that is our super minimalistic approach to a diaper changing station! Having a second child has really helped us cut back on baby items – so I hope this short list has helped you if you’re a parent-to-be!

What baby items do you think you could have done without?

Talk soon friends,

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