I’ve heard it said time and time again, that Fall is the best season to be in Rhode Island. Most would think that Summer would reign supreme in the Ocean State, but if you want to really spend some time in the outdoors, and you don’t like the sweltering heat, then autumn is truly the time to be in Little Rhody.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite activities to do in Rhode Island – especially if you have kids, babies, or a toddler. But mind you, I enjoyed all of these fun things before I even had children – so really the list is universal!  

Apple Picking 

My favorite place to go is Barden Family Orchard. I would recommend your going on a weekday if you can, and the entire orchard will be yours!  There is apple cider for sale, perfect places to take pictures next to pumpkins, and a large variety of apples to pick at all times. 
Farmer’s Markets
There are several outdoor farmers markets in Rhode Island, but my favorite is the one located on Hope Street at the end of Blackstone Boulevard on the East Side of Providence and Pawtucket line.  It’s called the Hope Street Farmers Market.  In addition to a bustling farmers market, with produce, herbs, pies, flowers, fish, meat, and beverages, there is also ice cream, pizza, indian food, a knife sharpener, and an entire lane full of local artisans selling their crafts.  I just purchased a soy candle that smells like apple pie, and a little girl hair clip that is made out of felt and looks like Elsa from FROZEN.  Plus, at this particular farmer’s market, there is always live music on Saturday mornings. The kids go ga-ga for the instrumentalists and vocalists. So pack a blanket, and plan on making a whole morning adventure out of it. Purchase some local food, let your kid nosh on an apple from one of the several orchards, and then after they can play on the park next door.
My favorite fall festival in Rhode Island is the Scituate Art Festival.  It is stroller friendly, has food, music, and there are always vendors selling cute little kids toys to entertain your little ones.  
Now that the oppressive heat is over, head on over to Roger Williams Park. Not necessarily the zoo – I mean the park itself.   The park is 435 acres, including nine miles of twisting roads  – perfect for stroller pushing.  Or, if your little one likes to walk along paths, you can do that as well!  There are 10 small lakes, a botanical garden, specimen trees, flower gardens, a carousel, playground, and a Japanese garden. All of which looks downright LOVELY during the fall.
Kite Flying
The two top places I would recommend flying kites in Rhode Island are Brenton Point State Park in Newport along Ocean Drive, or Colt State Park in Bristol. Bundle up, and maybe you can catch some breeze from the hurricane winds running up the coast this time of year!

Famous Rhode Island Activities
There are the tried and true Rhode Island activities – like going to the beach and Waterfire. I recommend doing these activities now in the fall because the tourists are gone!! The beach is free, and the flames are lit a lot earlier for Waterfire, which works out better for toddler bedtimes. If you can, wear your toddler in a carrier like the Beco Toddler, so you can move around the crowds easier. 
So there you have it, my top recommendations for Fall Activities in Rhode Island – especially if you have a toddler!  What suggestions would you have for me to add to this list?
Talk soon friends,

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