Halloween is a fun time for the whole family. Unfortunately it can be difficult to come up
with ideas for infant costumes. We want everyone in the family to be included in the fun,  but need to keep our babies bundled
up to stay warm for parades and trick or treating. 

This collection of 10+ adorable infant
costumes is bursting with cute ideas for Halloween! 

Dressing up as a whole family? There
are plenty of cute ideas in here for the whole family as well. Siblings need matching costumes? We
have that too! Are you a Star Wars fan? We even have a baby Yoda! Check out all of these
adorable infant costumes to help prepare for Halloween. 

I can’t write a post about adorable baby costumes without mentioning my favorites from our first year with my son.  He wore a super cute Superman and then Batman zip up onesie with a detachable cape. I honestly had him wearing one of these two outfits for the entire month of October…and after. They are so stinkin cute, and EASY!  Our family (including our little lad’s godmother) dressed up in superhero fashion as well. We just bought tshirts (like these,) and we were good to go! Affordable, and easy – now that’s my kinda Halloween!

Here is some more Halloween inspiration for you….

First up is an adorably fierce baby shark! This little guy is going to be nice and warm while
he is swimming the deep dark seas. This is DIY costume and would be super easy to make at
home. You could easily add in other sharks for a family event or other sea creatures for
matching siblings!

At Home With Sweet – Baby Shark Costume 

Star Wars fans this one is for you. This baby could not be a more adorable Yoda. The hat
which includes the ears is soft and warm so your little one will be warm and comfortable
for trick or treat, parades, or family parties. Of course there are TONS of great Star Wars
costumes out there so you could easily make this into a family affair!

Creative Green Living – Fall Crafting ( Yoda Costume )

This adorable Moishe from Where the Wild Things Are is great for any little reader. For a
great siblingís match up you can always go with both characters. I think it would super easy
to make an infant sized Max costume; if you like that better (or if you have an older sibling
who prefers the Moishe costume) you could always switch it up and make it your own. This
post has a DIY element but these costumes could easily be created from wardrobe pieces
if you donít have the time or the ability to make them from scratch!

Tried and True Blog – Where the Wild Things Are Costumes

Rawr! Check out this incredibly sweet baby lion! This fun tutu could be worn year round
for dress up so it doesnít have to be a ìonce and doneî Halloween costume like most!
Another great thing about this costume is that it can be accessorized with normal wardrobe
pieces so you donít have to go out and buy special Halloween things for your ever growing
infant. A lion costume is also fabulous because it can match up with so many family
and siblings costumes! Disney movies, safari themes, the possibilities are

Slap Dash Mom – DIY Fabric Lion Tutu Costume 

Another great infant costume for the little readers is this baby Lorax. I think many of
these costumes could be adapted for an infant size but it just looks so adorable with the
little Lorax actually being little! This looks fantastic as a family costume but would also work
with just the Lorax.

Ashlee Marie – Lorax Family Costumes 

This little bear costume is so cute and itís great because there are no facial pieces. If you
donít want to put makeup on your little one, or if they have sensitive skin, it can be hard to
find a costume that doesnít require extra decorating. This great bear suit is perfect! A
fantastic, adorable, costume, without a mask to fight with all night long is hard to find
sometimes. Because this little bear is crafted from a regular brown sweatshirt you could
continue wearing it on your baby until theyíve outgrown it. Who doesnít love to see a little
bear in the grocery store or at daycare?

It Happens in a Blink – Easy DIY Infant Bear Costume

Next up we have a great siblingís combo! If you have a little football player what better way
to pair them up?! Maybe you just like football; this is a great little costume to match your
interests. The timing is perfect with Halloween and football happening at the same time. If
you are going out for trick or treat you can easily throw on your favorite jersey and be all
set! A quick and easy solution for everyone!

Bare Feet on the Dashboard – Easy DIY Football Themed Halloween Family Costumes

Princesses are great and you can find them in every costume store but this little princess is
unique! You can make this DIY princess costume (or knight costume) at home and with
stronger materials that will stand the test of timeÖdress up time! Buying an expensive,
cheaply made costume year after year and getting only one wear out of it can be
frustrating. This great princess costume can be made from simple elements and added to
your little oneís wardrobe. Some days you just need to be a princess. Itís great that this post
also includes the whole family! If you need a family idea this one is great!

Bare Feet on the Dashboard – Family Halloween Costumes 

This little bumble bee is so fantastic. No one would dare swat away a bee this adorable.
Easily constructed, this is a great last minute costume idea if you need to dress warm!
Plenty of room for layers and I like that this uses the costume accessories packs. There are
lots of great, cheap, options out there to pair up with at home outfits to create adorable and
original costumes.

At Home with Sweet – Cute Little Bee Costume DIY 

Last but not least we have a post with great family costume ideas! Lots of these costumes
include great ideas for infants. So if you are looking for a creative family costume idea this
one will work great for you but it will also be great if all you need are ideas for an infant!
The símores family, some Care Bears, there is a little bit of everything in here. They are all
super cute and hopefully there is something you will love!

Meaningful Mama – 15 Creative Family Costume Ideas

What Halloween costumes do you have in mind for your family this year?

Talk soon friends,