You’re pumped and ready to blog, and feel really motivated – right? Well hopefully you do after reading the previous posts in this How To Start A Blog Series!


The next step is to truly solidify what are you hoping to blog about. Here are some tips to help guide you:


  • Will your blog be a journal or personal blog? Or are you more of a how-to, DIY, recipe blogger?
  • Are you blogging because you are starting or want to promote your business?
  • What types of blog posts are you planning on writing?

Your homework for today is to write down 30 potential blog post topics. This exercise will help you realize what you are passionate about writing about, what you think people will find interesting, and what – most importantly – YOU find interesting.
If you can’t think of approximately 30 things to blog about, take a day or so to keep thinking.And if you still can’t think of 30 topics, I’m going to be honest with you — blogging is going to be a difficult road for you.

As a blogger, you are a content creator, and without blog post ideas, there is no blog.


Is your audience someone like you?

Are they in a certain business, geographic or economic area?

Figure out who your perfect audience is, and then scope out what they are already interested in.

Check out blogs that you think would compliment yours (I try not to call them competition – because I think the more the merrier!)

Does your audience need tips? Do they like photos?  What can you offer them that might leave them wanting more?

These types of questions will help give you more fuel for content.


Once you know what style blog you want, you have that list of 30 or so blog post ideas, and know who your audience is – you can start figuring out (or tweaking) your blog name! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!Talk soon, friends!