Our sweet little lass, Felicity, is a month old! These four weeks have flown by, and I’m in awe of how remarkable our newest baby is!


11lbs 11oz
22.75 inches long
Loves & Dislikes: 

Loves being swaddled, her pacifier (she prefers the MAM newborn pacifier), being worn in the NuRoo Pocket baby-wearing shirt, being outside, sleeping next to me, showering with Tall Dad, car rides, being held and bounced by Tall Dad on the yoga ball, being held and cuddled, and being sung to. 

Dislikes having her goopy-clogged tear duct eye cleaned, being gassy, the hours of 6pm-9pm. 
I may need to knock on wood, but our little lass is an extraordinary sleeper.  She naps throughout the day for 30mins – 2.5 hours each time, and is up between naps for 15-60 minutes. 
She sleeps for a good 5 hour stretch each night, and then wakes up 2-3 times afterwards to eat. 
Our newborn sleeps in my arms, in some sort of baby-wearing outfit/carrier, or her MamaRoo during the day, then is in our bedroom at night. For the first big stretch of sleep, she is in her co-sleeper next to our bed – tightly swaddled and listening to white noise. After she wakes up to feed, she is unswaddled and *safely* next to me in bed for the rest of the night.
Exclusively breastfed – no bottle introduced yet. 
Eats at least every two hours during the day, sometimes more frequently, sometimes just as a “snack” feeding.

Notes from Tall Mom:

It looks like our newborn baby’s eyes MIGHT be staying blue with a light colored center – just like mine! We are crossing our fingers with this – as our little lad’s eyes are dark brown like Tall Dad’s. The one physical trait of mine that seems to be showing up on our son is freckles!

Our newborn little lass has had a goopy eye thanks to a clogged tear duct for the majority of the month. We were told to wipe it clean with a warm wet cotton ball after every diaper change (and newborns have their diapers changed A LOT!) Her left eye has it’s good days and it’s bad days, but the same happened with our son when he was a baby – and he is doing just fine now. 

Felicity’s hair color is still blonde, or at least a strawberry/dirty blonde. It is thick on the back of her head, like a mullet. We joke that she usually looks like Ser Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones

All in all, it has been an amazing month with our newborn baby girl. Our entire family is delighted to have her on board, and we can not wait to see what the second month has in store!

Talk soon friends,

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