Breastfeeding a newborn is a wonderful task that I have gladly taken on – twice!

My newest tiny baby, our little lass, nursed just minutes after she was born.  She has been a healthy eater ever since, and our breastfeeding has been going along quite beautifully.

We have just wrapped up the infamous six week growth spurt, complete with a couple of days of insatiable thirst. I felt like I nursed day in and day out, and my usually angelic baby was a “hangry” infant, crying and fussing if she was not next to my breast.
During these long days of nursing, I had a wonderfully supportive nursing pillow – the L7 Pillow by Nurse Me Tender

The L7 Pillow is unlike other nursing pillows on the market (I own two other types,) because of the versatility of the pillow. 
I like this pillow a lot because it is incredibly thick and sturdy, unlike one of my other breastfeeding pillows which squishes down all too quickly.  (PS – the dress that I am wearing in these photos is a nursing dress, you can find more information by clicking here.)

My favorite positions for the pillow are using it as back support while I sit, and the side lie.

I grew very accustomed to using my extremely large pregnancy pillow during both of my pregnancies, but Tall Dad was happy to see the space hogging C shaped pillow leave our room. The L7 Pillow would have been just as useful during my pregnancy – and would have taken up my less space in our bed. My upper back would have been supported, or I could have use it between my knees to relieve lower back pain during my third trimester. I could have even turned it around to bolster my big belly.
Tall Dad enjoys using the L7 Pillow for extra support when he is holding our little lass.
The L7 Nursing and Pregnancy Pillow comes in all different colors and patterns. My favorite is the teal-like color – called Kona Pool.

As I said, I breastfeed my newborn daughter all day and night. Sometimes on-the-go, in the car, or even in a store’s fitting room. Often I make-do by sitting with my knee up to support my arm and baby’s head.
But when I’m home, I love lying in bed, and nursing my little lass comfortably until she falls asleep. There’s nothing better than newborn baby snuggles, and my new nursing pillow allows me to do that, without my arm going numb, or my back aching.

The pillowcase and pillow can both be washed in a regular washing machine and dried in a dryer – which is exceptional since breastmilk seems to get all over myself, my newborn baby, and my L7 Pillow. I honestly had to stop using another pregnancy pillow because it was made of foam, and I couldn’t just throw it in my washing machine. I had to keep covering it with extra burp clothes before I fed my baby.

The L7 is easy, and I can feed in several positions, cuddle my newborn baby, and not have to worry about special washing instructions. It’s a winner in this Tall Mom’s eyes!

To learn more about Nurse Me Tender, check them out on:

Also, check out my review on their other product – the Nurse Me Tender! Founder, Christa Anderson, was actually on the TV show The Dragon’s Den (what we call SHARK TANK in the US) for this product!

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