Adorable milk nursingwear breastfeeding top for moms who are nursing their babies.
My little lass turned one year old a couple weeks ago, which honestly blows my mind. This past year has flown by, and as excited as I am about her impending first steps and first words, I find myself begging time to slow down
I’m cherishing every special “baby” moment, even though I guess she can technically now be called a toddler. Her little babbles, snuggling together in bed after her usual 5am wakeup, and breastfeeding. 
You know, it’s funny. I never really thought about breastfeeding that much until I had kids. But now that I’ve nursed two tiny babies, it comes as natural to me as breathing. I’m still nursing my little lass several times a day, and don’t have a particular cut-off date in mind. She’s already begun self-weaning a little bit, but still prefers nursing during times when she is sleepy or needs comforting. 
One of the quirky things about nursing a wiggly one year old is that she is easily distracted, and may beg to nurse, but once she begins, may quickly change her mind and pop off to go play with someone or something. 
This is one of the many reasons why I adore nursing shirts and dresses, especially from the brand Milk Nursingwear

Super cute blue shirt top by Milk Nursingwear - breastfeeding and nursing friendly shirts for new moms and baby

I first found this brand on Amazon of all places. I was searching for nursing tops after I gave birth to my second tiny baby, and realized that there were not only breastfeeding friendly tops, but also dresses.

Pretty teal breastfeeding nursing dress by Milk Nursingwear - Milk Nursingwear Review for new moms

My first purchase was this teal dress – teal being my favorite color (in case you couldn’t tell by now!)

Since then, I purchased the same dress in black

and also added this little number to my wardrobe!

Adorable breastfeeding friendly nursing dress by Milk Nursingwear - full review

Now I’m not one to be shy about breastfeeding in public. It is my right, and I am a proud “dairy diva,” but I’m not always comfortable showing of my postpartum belly when I need to pull up my shirt, nor am I always keen on pulling down my top and exposing half of my top half of my body. I’m a tall mom, so when I need to show skin, I show A LOT of skin, and sometimes I’d rather not.

That’s where nursingwear comes in handy.

Milk Nursingwear makes nursing dresses and shirts that allow moms to nurse easily by lifting a top layer of fabric and exposing a smaller opening.  I’ve honestly nursed in this dress and people nearby didn’t even know I was breastfeeding, because all of my body that was exposed was completely covered up my baby’s head.

picture from Milk Nursingwear’s website

I’ve purchased several different shirts and dresses from this company, and have items for all four seasons. They are my staples when I need to go out with my baby, or if I know I’m going to be away for a long time and need easy access for pumping. I just adore that I can wear pretty and cute “mom clothes” without feeling frumpy. The striped solid yoke nursing top in navy is one of my absolute favorite pieces!
Super cute and nursing and breastfeeding top for new moms - Milk Nursingwear shirt Review
Their pieces really hold up over time, are comfortable, and are incredibly forgiving for the postpartum figure. Some shirts and dresses have ruching on the sides, some have short sleeves or long sleeves, and everything feels super comfy – and can easily be washed!
Super cute and nursing and breastfeeding dress for new moms - Milk Nursingwear Review
I don’t know when my breastfeeding relationship is going to end with my tiny baby, but when it does, I still might be wearing some of these pieces – because I love the way they feel, and how pretty I feel when I wear them.

Super cute and nursing and breastfeeding dress for new moms
If you’d like to learn more about Milk Nursingwear, check out their:

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*Disclaimer: This is not a paid post – all views and opinions are my own. I was given the dress from Milk Nursingwear for review purposes only, but I already own several other pieces. This brand is honestly one of my staples in my wardrobe!*