This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Muse Cat Food. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s funny. Some couples choose to have fur babies in their lives before they think about having human families. The opposite was true for us.

After I gave birth to my first tiny baby, now my little lad, our household was flipped upside down. Months of agonizing colic and then my postpartum depression really put a ton of stress and difficulty on top of our family. There were some days that I couldn’t even shower or fathom making anything to eat. I drastically lost weight, stopped communicating with most of the outside world, and retreated into our tiny apartment. 
During the midst of my postpartum treatment at the Women and Infants Day Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, there was a three day weekend. It was Memorial Day weekend, and for someone who is suffering from a mental illness, to know that one needs to not continue with treatment for not just a weekend – but a long weekend – is incredibly scary.
I knew that my routine would be off. I would be missing out on my daily therapy sessions, and was afraid that no one would be monitoring me. 
I was afraid I would fail.
But my husband became my hero that weekend, whether he knew it or not. He decided to get our family a cat.

Now you need to understand that Tall Dad is not a cat person. He has vehemently written about being about his feline feelings and has been a self professed dog person since the day I met him.
The problem is that I’m not a dog person. I find them to be big, smelly, and a TON of work. Cats are more my speed. They spend most of the time embracing a relaxing day, use the litter box, and love to share their enthusiasm through purring and kisses – which is so cool!
So we went to the Providence Animal Rescue League on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, and found our first cat, who we named Khaleesi.
A year later, we rescued a kitten we named Sassenach, as well.
Since then, these two furballs have been beacons of light and entertainment in our household.
They are amazingly kind, patient and playful with my two children. Both absolutely adore my husband, and have turned a once dog-guy into a 2-cat-owning-guy. And our cats LOVE Tall Dad.
These two cats have often lifted our spirits on rough days. They give us cat kisses and lay on our laps when we needed to be reminded to slow down. To show them love back, we shower them with toys, treats, and wholesome cat food. 
Their newest favorite is actually a brand called Muse® Natural Recipes. It was a new brand on an end-cap at my local Petco, so I thought I’d give them a try. The packaging said that every recipe is made with natural ingredients, are made with real fish or poultry, and are 100% complete and balanced for adult cats.  I like that there isn’t any corn or soy or other types of bad fillers in there – just complete goodness. 
So the taste test went better than expected — and is why I need to share this experience with you readers – especially if you are a cat owner. 
I have never seen my two cats devour a new brand of food so quickly. 
I thought it would take them a while to warm up to the new meal, but they ate it all up the moment I offered it got them and have continued to do so – they are part of the cat clean plate club! And believe it or not, Muse has a Clean Plate™ Guarantee – if your cat doesn’t like the food they give you money back. Well, my cats most certainly LOVE the brand!
Our cats are happy, healthy, and bring me and my family so much joy. 
Feeding them is a small way that we humans can show our love back to them!
I guess there’s research out there saying that pets can honestly help make people happier – and I can 100% stand by that statement. My furbabies helped me out during some of my darkest moments, so I’m going to keep finding ways to make them happy. Especially if they are happy when their tummies are full!
Do you feel like your pet has ever helped you out during a difficult time? Share it below in the comments.
Talk soon, friends!
For more information, you can check out the Muse Cat Food website, or Muse at Petco.

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