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Those of you who are avid Tall Mom readers know how tough my son was on Tall Dad and I. Between the colic, early morning/ late night/ all day screaming sessions, and the subsequent postpartum depression I suffered from, Rhys gave us a good run for our money.  The only thing that would calm him down, and I mean ONLY thing, would be when one of us took him in our arms, and bounced on the 60″ yoga ball we have.  We had to do it for hours, just to get a little peace and quiet in our tiny apartment. 
But not only would Tall Dad have to bounce on the ball, but Rhys required that he be held skin-to-skin the entire time.  It may have been annoying, but WaterWipes has put together a little video highlighting the importance of skin-to-skin contact, and why Rhys potentially preferred there be no barrier between he and his parents.  But they also back up the video with some pretty solid scientific evidence.  Here’s what they have to say…
Of course, we always knew skin-to-skin was the preferred method of holding a baby.  Our nurses and doctors told us that from day one of pregnancy and prepping for our birth.  Sure, it’s great for dad to hold the baby skin-to-skin, but it’s even better when mom does it.

Heck, that’s why we chose our hospital to begin with – they promised an immediate skin-to-skin contact with mom the INSTANT the baby was born.  As the video points out, when a baby is held that close without any clothing barrier, it’s the natural human physiology that takes over and regulates his heart rate, temperature, and many other physical responses to which any newborn is subject.
This video is cute, and yes, it’s even produced well.  But, looking at the actual science of how a baby reacts to a mother’s bareskinned touch is simply astonishing.  I’m sure it’s meant to evoke a specific emotion, but seeing the heat vision frames between mom and baby shed an entirely different and tangible perspective on skin-to-skin for me.  With that in mind, I look back at the age of those babies that were cataloged on film  and I’m reminded of  both my tiny babies first few months.  

Naturally as they get older, one can forget how truly vulnerable their children were when they first came out into the world.  Everything, from their little hearts, to the fragile bones, even to their extra sensitive skin can fall pray to the harsh surroundings in which they could find themselves. 

The distinct and often times relentless reality of the newborn world is made a tad bit easier with WaterWipes and their amazing product. Instead of using other brands to clean your newborn, baby, or toddler, (which contain god-only-knows how many chemicals and additives) WaterWipes contains 99.9% pure Irish water, and .01% Grapeseed extract.  No scents. No perfumes. No alcohols. Nothing. Just pure/ unfettered water for your pure and unfettered newborns skin.  They are incredibly durable and effective – I know, because I’ve wiped bums about 1.2 million times already! 

It truly is the only wipe we have used since we came home from the hospital, and it’s the only wipe we will continue to use until our little lass finally gets potty trained.  (Which can’t come soon enough by the way.)  I know I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before, and I tell my friends in person – but these wipes are literally the best!

And for my kiddos, that’s all I want – the best! Whether it was skin to skin right after birth and throughout the next couple of months, or chemical-free diaper wipes. I just want what is best for my little lad and little lass.

And as a side note, Water Wipes are also downright amazing for wiping up messes, like muddy toddler toes after jumping in puddles.

Or for a toddler car wash!

Hope you are having a delightful week and a great end of the summer!
Talk soon, friends!
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