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If you have been keeping up with me lately, you know that the Tall family and I are moving out of our home.  Between cleaning the house, getting the kids involved in the process and everything else, it’s been a real trying past couple of months.  There is so much pressure to have everything perfect for potential buyers, stay positive about criticism from the realtor, and, oh, have a life with the family all at the same time.
There are times, however, that I just need to be me.  Tall Dad refers to this as “Mary-time.”  And “Mary time” often requires a good drink…

It’s actually kind  of funny – if I say to him, hey I need “Mary-time” he doesn’t even say anything; he just picks up the kids, puts them in the car and they go off for an “adventure.”  But, as with all things, I can’t always have the benefit of Tall Dad taking the kids on their adventure, so I have to make due.  
When that time comes, I sit out on my back yard patio, play a little music (I’d like to tell you it’s something classy like Beethoven or Mozart, but it’s usually the soundtrack from Harry Potter) have a sip of my drink and soak up the sun.  
My new favorite drink, and it includes Bigelow’s Cold Brew Raspberry Lemon Iced Tea. To be honest, I think I even like it better than my usual hot tea – it’s cold, it’s refreshing, it’s summery, plus I get the added benefit of the raspberry flavor, and the ease of brewing it cold!
Tea is pretty much one of my favorite things to drink year round. I’m normally a hot tea drinker, but days like today, where the tempteture is at 90 or above, make me long for ice cubes and fresh fruit flavors. 

Bigelow’s Cold Brew Iced Tea is a product that I love. It tastes a lot like their hot raspberry tea ( a favorite of mine) but I don’t have to boil any water. All I need to do is take one of the cold brew packs, throw it in my pitcher with 32 oz of cold water, and let it steep for 7 minutes. 
I actually LOVE drinking cold brewed iced tea, because it makes me feel like a human. When I have a hot cup of tea, I often forget about it. Blame it on being a busy mom of two kids…but more often than not my poor hot tea becomes luke warm.
Now cold brew tea is something this busy mom can totally get behind. 
I love having fresh brewed iced tea in my pitcher, especially when we have playdates in my backyard. Another mom and I can just sit in the shade drinking iced tea while our little ones swing on the swing set or play in the pool.
I feel like a southern belle!
To make things a bit more “fancy” I sometimes make my ice cubes with fresh fruit.
Raspberry season is fully upon us, and several farms nearby are currently having “pick your own” specials this month. No one else in my family appreciates the tarte sweetness of these delightful berries…which means that they are ALL MINE!
Speaking of tarte, I also love fresh lemon in the ice cubes. And mint! 

 Place your fruit inside your ice cube trays and fill with water.

Freeze for several hours, and then voila – you have fancy ice cubes!
These ice cubes really help make my “me time” special. I mean, just look at those cute ice cubes! 

Recipe video:

You can find the Bigelow Cold Brew Tea at your local Walmart. 

As well as by visiting them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Hope you find a way to cool off for the rest of the summer! As for me, I’ll be spending some Mary-time today in the shade with a bug cup of iced tea!

Talk soon, friends!