Importance Of Staying Social During Pregnancy

Between acid reflux, my new friend Braxton Hicks (a real one sided relationship if you ask me), not fitting in 99% of my wardrobe, and doctors appointments that appear from nowhere like the genie in Alladdin, being a social human being during my third trimester is difficult. I use the term “difficult” because going out more »

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Every Night I Cheat On My Husband

I adore my husband. Honestly, I really do. Our love is pretty unique and we seem to have an understanding of each other that is beyond words. It’s pretty great. I mean, we’re not Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook here, ( btw, I still can’t tell if that whole pond scene with more »

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Packing for my babymoon

Remember last week when I couldn’t find my passport? Well thanks to my patient and super sleuth husband Blake.  Although sometimes I think he is Sherlock 🙂   Which by the way, if you have never seen the BBC show Sherlock, please go watch it.  Now.  Like literally, open up another tab on your browser more »

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