Remember last week when I couldn’t find my passport? Well thanks to my patient and super sleuth husband Blake.  Although sometimes I think he is Sherlock 🙂


Which by the way, if you have never seen the BBC show Sherlock, please go watch it.  Now.  Like literally, open up another tab on your browser and hit up Netflix.  Type in Sherlock, watch it, and then come back to read my blog as soon as your done.  Go.

OK you’re back.  I told you it was awesome. Right?

Anyway, thanks to my super awesome fantastic brilliant husband,  we were able to find that ever important passport, and were ready to pack for our babymoon.

What’s a babymoon? I guess it’s an up and coming popular vacation that couples take sometime during the second trimester.  Essentially, it’s one last big hurrah before the bundle of joy arrives. I’ve been feeling fantastic ever since I hit week twelve, and had a week off from work scheduled just at the right time. The planets aligned, and Blake and I were set to sail to the Caribbean!

I found two pretty dresses that I can still squeeze into and I am crossing my fingers in hope of being able to wear my bathing suit tops without looking like an X rated film star.  Although Blake doesn’t seem to mind 🙂  I’ve got my sneakers ready for being active, ( Yes, I will try Yoga and walking while on the ship.)  But let’s be honest, I’m pregnant and I’m hungry.  I’m putting that ship out of business.  Best of all, I can relax after gorging myself because I’ve purchased enough books and sunscreen to last me until 2030!

Between the recent scary news, holiday stress, and work – Blake and I were ready for vacation. We haven’t gone away, just as the two of us, since our honeymoon. After our itty bitty baby arrives, it will be a long time until we do again.

I hope my baby likes dancing, the sound of steel drum bands, and loads of fresh fruit – because I am ready for our babymoon!