The fantastic Rachael McAdams of @livealittleNYC is sharing some fantastic ways to document moments in your tiny baby’s life!  Rachael is new to the SAHM community but she has been a writer for years. Rachael enjoys writing about various subjects, but especially enjoys providing advice to new moms. Rachel is also an avid runner, and enjoys photography and cooking when she’s not chasing around her twins. If you’d like to follow Rachael, you can find her on Twitter at @livealittleNYC

And now, without further ado — take it away, Rachael!

Let’s face it – when you have a baby, you generally spend
most of your time taking photos and videos and sharing them with family and
friends. There are a bunch of different ways, however, to take those moments
and document them for the long term. Here are some great ways to keep those
memories for all time as well as make some unique baby memory items.
Baby Book by Ruby

Growing up, I knew where my
mother kept my baby book and would pull it out from time to time to look at
everything she documented. When I became an adult, my mother gave me my baby
book to keep. I love reading the notes my mother entered back when I was still
in diapers. When I had my twin girls, I made sure to do two books! I included
items like the socks they wore when they were newborns and their hospital
bracelets. When they are older, they will marvel at how little they once were! For
something with an artful approach, check out the Ruby Love line of baby scrapbooks. They are
high quality books that you can specify the design and pages that are included.
Definitely lovely!

iPhone Case by Tiny
When you are taking
photos of your kids, don’t just attempt to get them to sit still with their
hands folded. Go for the silly! Leave their hair messy and their face sweaty as
they run around at the playground. Show the memories of what a day out with
your kids is really like.  Those are the
really special moments.

When it comes to taking shots of your newborn, take up
close/artsy-style photos of your baby’s ears, fingers, and toes. Those will be
great (and unique) ways to document how your baby grows and develops.  

Once you have these great photos, use them to create a
custom phone cases for yourself or even as gifts for family members. I always
browse for all photo personalized items including iPhone cases. I gave
one to the Godmother of one of my daughters and she just loves it!
Makin’ prints

We all made hand-print
projects as kids, but I doubt if many of us know where they are today; if they
lasted this long at all. A great way to make sure a print of your child’s will
last is to make an ornament out of it. This way it is stored with the Christmas
ornaments and will be sure to survive.

Stephanie Lynn provides step-by-step directions how to make
this great fingerprint
on her blog. When you are finished, it will look like a
professionally-ordered item instead of a home-grown project.

DIY Vital Stats Canvas

There are many different
companies that will make an artful representation of your child’s vital
statistics. Thanks to a post by A Kitchen Table for Two, you can now make your
own “Baby
Subway Art”
as she calls it. With a little creativity, and patience as she
reminds everyone, you can create a high-quality piece of art for your child’s
nursery or bedroom. You can even make one like she did as a gift. I know I am
making a note of this to create when the need arises!