In just a couple of days, Itty Bitty turns seven months old, my adorable niece Silvia turns five years old, and I will turn thirty-one and a half years old.

(By the way – celebrating your half birthday will make you feel like a princess. I highly recommend it!) 

So in the theme of birthdays, seven month birthdays, and half birthdays, Tall Dad, myself, and a couple friends decided to play around on a site called The Secret Language of Birthdays.  The claim to fame for this site is that it can apparently reveal personality traits based upon one’s birthday (or, name day, for all of you Game of Thrones fans.)

*cue the musical wind chime sound*
The Secret Language of Birthdays was created with a 40 year case study based on over 20,000 people – born on your exact month, date, and year.  That’s a heck of a lot of people and a super long case study. The people doing this study must have had a lot of patience because I can tell you that I think the longest I ever studied something was, at most, three months!

What probably kept these tireless researchers going was the similarities they kept finding among people born on the same date.

My friends and I were intrigued. We just had to find out if this was for real.

Bound and determined to see what the big deal was about, we decided to dive into the website as we devoured some fabulous pumpkin cookies and spectacular red wine.

Our evening was filled with delicious treats, a little insight into ourselves, a few shocked faces, and a lot of laughter.  Let me tell you, it was a little creepy, yet awesome when we heard the results.

For example, we read that people born on Tall Dad’s birthday were often private from their work (which, in his case, is true) and often have a crutch for escapism.  For my hubby – that is our obscenely giant collection of movies!

Some of our friends points were humorous, whereas others were a bit difficult to swallow.

One girlfriend of mine was described as a stalled hurricane! Funny, but what the heck is that!?!

Another friend’s birthday description was a bit dreary and grim.  Of course, a couple of glasses of wine into the party we thought it was hysterical when we nicknamed her birthday Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh!) And while I’m not sure Eeyore is the most apt description for this particular friend, there were, however, some personality traits within the text that did, in fact, eventually ring true for her.

What about Tall Mom, you ask? Well, the site read that people on my birthday let people come to their own conclusions, even if it means watching them make mistakes –  and this is particularly relevant when it comes to parenting (!).  Additionally, those born on my birthday are often insightful, yet stubborn. Check and double check!

We had a blast reading each other’s descriptions, passing the laptop around and learning more about one another.  The website gave us some more conversation starters as well – and really made for a fun evening!

In the end, I looked up Itty Bitty’s birthday. We found out that those born on his birthday are often consistent, hard working, but a bit irritable. Only time will tell if these traits prove true.  (Well we already know the irritable part, but I digress 🙂

After all the cool insight (both good and bad), we really had a blast discovering our Secret Language Names!

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends during these cold months, or if you just need a bit of a brain vacation at 2pm on a work day, I recommend checking out the free site of The Secret Language of Birthdays.  

If you try out The Secret Language of Birthdays – let me know if any of the personality traits were true for you!  

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own and are 100% true.