It’s the spookiest day of the year for some, but for kids and parents – it’s also one of the highlights of the year – Halloween! In the spirit of this most fantastic holiday, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite family costumes.

Are you generally wearing your baby in a carrier? I sure love it!  Well why not wear your baby as part of your costume?

Or do you prefer to roll with your baby in a stroller?
If you don’t mind carrying your tiny baby, try out some of these geek-tastic family costumes!
Superhero family!
Pirates and their tiny mermaid
New Englanders and their lobster!
Obviously one of my favorite family costumes EVER! Harry Potter themed, with the baby as Hedwig the owl.
How precious is this Alice in Wonderland themed family?
UP is one of our family favorites, and I’m not gonna lie, we might recreate these costumes next year!
Who doesn’t love zombies right now?  This zombie baby costume is AMAZING!
Dedication at it’s finest!  A whole Star Wars themed family!
Have you ever dressed up as a family? What did you go as?
Have a very Happy Halloween