I absolutely love wearing my baby – even still at 10 months and close to 26 pounds – I chose to wear him 90% of the time when we are out and about. I just find it so much easier than dealing with strollers or carriages, and he seems to enjoy it so much more being close to Mom!I’ve tried out a ton of different baby carriers, so I thought I’d share with you my top picks:

1. Nuroo Pocket

Is that baby in my shirt? YES!
The Nuroo Pocket safely yet snugly holds onto your little one – and is able to give you both skin to skin contact!
My only problem with the Nuroo Pocket is that I should have ordered more! If I end up having another tiny baby I’ll have to invest in more colors and more shirts. Maybe one for each day of the week.

2. Moby Wrap

Most new moms or moms to be have heard about the Moby Wrap. I liked it because, just like the Nuroo Pocket, I was able to walk around and tackle tasks around the house – go out for walks or for a bite to eat – all while wearing my baby!
Grandparents, and even Tall Dad were able to wear the Moby Wrap. It was slightly confusing to put on at first, but after a youtube tutorial, I felt like a pro.
Moby Wraps are great for little babies –
And even when babies get older – like my (not so) tiny baby.

3. Beco Gemini

My all around go to carrier is the Beco Gemini. I have been using it since my tiny baby started to pack on some pounds – but I could have used it from day one.
The Gemini allows you to carry your tiny baby in four different positions – even though forward facing isn’t necessarily ideal – especially for longer periods of time.
I’m still working on how to wear my tiny baby on the back carry…hopefully I will have it down pat within the next month or so! It would really help out when I am getting tasks down around the house when he wants to be close to Mom!