If you’ve ever scoured Pinterest for First Birthday ideas, or monthly baby photo ideas, heck – even weekly pregnancy updates – you’ve probably come across a couple of the trendy chalkboard posters. Some are chalkboard posters, often made by the talented artists of Etsy, and others are created using either smartphone apps or computer programs. I made the first birthday chalkboard poster for Itty Bitty through a smartphone app called Rhonna Designs (available for iPhone, iPad and Andriod.)

Let me show you how, using myself as an example.

  • First, download the Rhonna Designs app from the iTunes Store.
  • Select the Camera Roll Option.
  • Next, pick the Rhonna Backgrounds.
  • Scroll down and choose the black chalkboard background.
  • Chose the shape of the poster that you’d like to have. I like the 2:3 or iPad.
  • Select “CROP”
  • At the top lefthand corner, you will see T for Text and a cute flower-like symbol for all of the artwork Rhonna Designs offers. Chose T.
  • Here you can pick what color you’d like to use, as well as the font. There are several different font options.
  • Once you are done writing your child’s name, pick a color and click “DONE”
  • You can drag your word to anywhere you’d like on the canvas, make it larger, or put it on an angle. All by your fingertips.
  • After the name is complete, lets add a fun banner. Click on the flower symbol.
  • Scroll down to banners, and chose one of your liking.
  • You can switch colors with these as well, change the size, and move it just like you did with the text.
  • Keep adding more words to your poster. Have fun with the colors and fonts, really mix them up as you go.
  • If you’d like to UNDO something, click the backwards arrow.
  • Remember, you can only work on one thing at a time. Always make sure you press DONE between different words or symbols.
  • Add fun artwork to help breakup your different sections. Remember, you can make these lines or designs different colors or sizes.
  • Once you have completed your Chalkboard Poster, click on the teal box with three white lines, and then click SHARE.
  • Chose HI-RES.
  • Share your piece however you’d like. I’d recommend making sure you save it to your camera roll first.

Tada! There you have it 🙂 You have now created your very own First Birthday Chalkboard Poster! Practice makes perfect on this app, so just play around with it in your free time, and let your creativity flow.

Here’s Itty Bitty’s:

Have you ever made one of these? Do you think you may try now that you know?