Welcome to the next installment of the How To Start A Blog Series – if you haven’t read the previous posts, I welcome you to check them out – here!

Once you have found a name, and the domain seems to be available – I’d encourage you to check and see if that name is available on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

If you’re not social media savvy, and want to skip to writing your blog, I understand and will not be offended if you put this task on the backburner for a moment.
But before you do, hear me out:


CAN PEOPLE FIND YOU ONLINE?If you’re following along in the How to Start A Blog Series, you know that we last discussed coming up with the perfect name. But here’s a question for you – Would you still want the blog name you even if you couldn’t have the same name on your social media networks?

For example, my blog is tallmomtinybaby.com, and I own tallmomtinybaby on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.I really only use the Facebook one, because I already had a large following on my personal Twitter and Instagram, and my blog is a personal blog – which is what I would share on my Twitter and Instagram anyway.

I wanted to have the social media handles for my blog’s name, even if I barely (or never) used them, because I could use them if I wanted to. Plus, it will make it easier for people to find my blog online. They all point to my blog’s URL.It’s been amazing to see how many times people have tagged “tall mom tiny baby” on twitter or Instagram, rather than tagging the actual handle that I use – and because of this, I am SO THANKFUL that I claimed @tallmomtinybaby. Even though I do not actively use the accounts, the profile in each account sends people right to my website, and gives a little bio. Plus, I mention for people to follow me on my more active account – my pseronal one.

You don’t know how many people might be searching for you on one of these social media outlets.

Another reason I suggest getting social media checked out before you set up your URL is to double check, once again, and make sure that no one else is really known by the name.
Imagine the scenario I talked about above – how people started tagging @tallmomtinybaby on twitter and instagram, even though I don’t really use those accounts. Imagine if I hadn’t claimed those social media handles, and they were actually someone else! That person would be getting potential blog visitors, who will become confused, disinterested, and I might never have had a chance to have them see my blog.
THE 80/20 RULE
One of the most important tid-bits of information I learned about while blogging is the 80/20 rule. People say that you should spend 80% of your time PROMOTING your blog, and 20% writing and creating. That is, if you want people to read it.
Because, think about it….even if you write the most amazing blog post, or take the most gorgeous pictures — people won’t be able to know about it unless you publicize it. Unless you promote it. Otherwise, it will be swallowed up into the netherlands of the world wide web.
If you are blogging just for your own sake, or to keep family and friends up to date – and you don’t care about ever having a bigger readership – then having social media isn’t necessary.
But if you ever really want your blog to grow, you need to do it online. You’ll need to learn a few social media tricks (eventually — don’t worry right now) but you most certainly are going to want to have had your social media handles claimed so that they are there for you when you want them.
When you first start out blogging, you should put 100% of your energy into creating content and writing — but eventually — when you are ready to share — you will want to start exerting more of your time into sharing and resharing your content.


Even if you can’t do your exact blog URL, I would try to do something close to it – and make the handles uniform throughout all platforms. If that means you have to add a number, or an underscore, then do it.


Also, claiming social media names is free, whereas purchasing a domain costs money. I’d hate for you to purchase your domain, only to find out that someone under the same name has all of the social media handles! Boo.
Do you think it is important to have a presence on social media as a blogger?
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Talk soon, friends.