One of my favorite events of the holidays season is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I have always loved parades, even as a young child. In high school and college, I participated in my schools’ marching bands, and my appreciation grew even more.  Sure, the singers in the Macy’s parade are lip-syncing, but the bands are playing for real, and those broadway dancers sure do know how to shake their stuff!

I love how this televised celebration has become a true American tradition.  This event is what many people watch while they are cooking their turkey, or setting their tables. For others, Thanksgiving is finally a day they can sleep in, and they wake up to bright colors and fun sounds, as they eat their breakfast in their pjs, preparing their stomach for the multitude of foods ahead.

Growing up, I used to watch the event while making my favorite appetizer – the celery sticks. My mom would slice up the olives, give me a big block of Philadelphia cream cheese, chopped stalks of cleaned celery, and a butter knife.

I never knew what this appetizer was called until now – Frogs on a Log. Nor have I had them at other holidays, or anyone else’s house.  However, they are delicious! The saltiness of the olives, mixed with the creamy cheese and crunchy celery – delicious! I highly recommend you use this recipe, even if its just to keep your kids busy! Afterwards, they will have a healthy snack that they can be proud of.

A couple of Thanksgivings ago I actually attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was on my bucket list, and I was already in the city the night before. Elated, I woke up at 5am, bundled up, grabbed myself a hot coffee and bagel from  Dunkin Donuts, and hit the subway.  Here’s what I learned from that experience:
  1. The singing and broadway performances happen right in front of Macy’s, and a few other locations.
  2. To actually see these performances, you will want to come exceptionally early.
  3. Bundle up more than you think – it’s freezing!
  4. If you come early enough, bring low chairs
  5. Bring a cooler on wheels to carry your snacks, and it will also work as a seat when your legs get tired
  6. For me, seeing the Thanksgiving parade in person was nice, but from now on I’ll stick to watching it on TV.  The mass of people only allowed me to see the balloons, and I was worried about loosing my spot to use a restroom. I’m glad I did it, but find sitting in my pajamas at home and being able to see the performances a bit more enjoyable!
    One of the best parts about the parade is Santa’s arrival!  He is the last person in the parade, and truly kicks off the Christmas season.  Thanksgiving also means that it is finally time for me to start decorating my house with lights, garland, and wreaths!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!