During my first trimester, I would come home from work each day exhausted, barely able to even think about having a pregnancy workout routine.  I’d give myself a big pat on the back if I managed to take a walk around the block before resting my head on my pillow. Working out wasn’t really in the cards.

As my second trimester approached, newfound energy entered my body. I was able to stay up past 7pm, and I was determined to get involved in prenatal yoga.  Prenatal yoga is one of the most recommended activities for pregnant women. All of my books and smartphone applications remind me almost weekly to get involed. I signed up, brought my yoga mat, and was ready to get stretchy!  There was only one problem…I didn’t exactly fit in.

Everyone had a bump, and a big one at that. We went around the room saying our name and how far along we were. Remember that Seasame Street song – one of these things is not like the other? That one thing was me.

Their babies had names, genders, and rooms all set up for them. I was still in disbelief that there even was a baby inside of me. Aside from my 5 pregnancy tests, I hadn’t really had any proof. It didn’t have a name, and I felt left out, but decided to give it a try nonetheless. We did various poses, and had to “move our babies around”, which felt more like hula hooping to me. The class ended with us doing the corpse pose – where you just lie down. At this point, the instructor began singing a lovely yet haunting song.

That’s when I felt my baby move for the rest time. Two strong bumps. And soon after, several bump like soft tickles.

I silently cried a few happy tears, and brought my hand to my belly. I did belong in this class. My belly may not have been that large (yet), and I may not have a name, know the gender,  have a registry or nursery color scheme…but I did have a child growing inside of me….and it sure does love prenatal yoga!

When was the first time you felt your little baby move?