We have a one year old tradition in my itty bitty family – Star Wars pancakes on Christmas Day!

I make the batter, and Blake whips out a skillet. He dons a stylish Star Wars apron, and gets to making some of the most beloved, and feared, characters of all time.

They are cute, and incredibly delicious! The pancake mold set was from Williams and Sonoma, and has made our merry morning that much more fun!

This year we had our Floridian nieces in town, and I thought it might be fun to spruce up the pancakes. First, we used some whole wheat pancake batter, trying to make cake a tad healthier…
Next, we added sprinkles to the storm trooper pancakes, and green food coloring to Yoda pancake mix. The girls went gaga for the green pancakes.
Even though our nieces still do not know who Darth Vader is, nor why he joined the dark side, they still seemed to enjoy our festive holiday tradition. I can’t wait for our itty bitty baby to join in the festivities in years to come! Even though he may not be up for pancakes this time next year, maybe the force can till be with him – thanks to cute geekery clothing like the onesie below.

What are your family’s Christmas morning traditions?