We held our third annual Breakfast for Dinner Party this weekend. It was originally scheduled for February, but a blizzard got in the way. Damn you, Nemo.

Oddly enough, our Breakfast for Dinner Party finds it’s origins in a major snow storm we had three years ago.

We had people over one night and coincidentally we found ourselves snowed in – so we decided to make breakfast food for dinner. We had mimosas, all kinds of random breakfast foods we found/improvised in the house, and then watched a movie. Since then, it’s fast become a well loved tradition by all of our friends and it has exploded into what it’s become today.

Our Breakfast for Dinner Parties are one of Blake’s favorites. Being the man that refuses to be beaten, and one who loves tradition, he requested that it the Breakfast party be rescheduled to celebrate his upcoming birthday – the big 3-0!

The birthday boy himself, taking a selfie!

It went off without a hitch! Blake cooked all the food (although he did break tradition by allowing his best friend, John, to cook with him.) There were about thirty guests (who traveled from Boston, all parts of RI, and as far as Washington DC) that joined us for the evening. Our apartment was filled with pajamas, delicious food (we added steak to the menu this year- OMG!) fun drinks, champagne fizz, the wonderful smell of bacon, and tons of laughter. I almost feel bad for our neighbors upstairs because we were pretty loud, but they’re new to the building. They should know there is a hazing process 🙂

How to throw a Breakfast For Dinner Party:

  • Best thrown during the colder months – since the party takes place inside and is based around comfort food. We like to throw it after all of the holidays, with February or March being ideal. The days are grey, filled with clouds, rain/sleet/snow. People have usually had it with their respective families, and many are drenched in seasonal depression (I generally am a sobbing mess in February, my least favorite month). We become hermits and as we learned before, that’s turning to the Dark Side. Turn those frowns upside down with maple syrup and a mimosa. The Light Side.
  • Guests should wear pajamas, including slippers or comfy socks. This is not a pajama party like you had in college, with girls looking more like Victoria Secret models and guys dressed like Hugh Heffner. I mean, if that’s what you like, then that’s fine. We like that good ol’ tore up college tee which you’ve worn for ten years, or the pajama pants that have been around since you were fifteen. Old, tired, worn out, comfy clothing. Depending on how you roll, stress to your friends that this is all about comfort. I mean, Blake wore a one piece footsie outfit we bought at Target!
  • Hosts should provide basics for breakfast food: scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon and/sausage, home fries, coffee, juice and fruit. Don’t go crazy with selection in food because it becomes overwhelming for both the host and the guest.
  • Ask guests to help bring extra goodies, and champagne for mimosas (or sparkling cider for those not drinking or guests carrying tiny babies in their bellies!) This year, in addition to the steak, we added the option of a juice bar. We bought cheap bottles of pineapple, apple, cranberry, grape, papaya, guava, and a whole bunch of juices that I can’t remember right now. Anyone can have the drinks plain, or the can make them adult beverages. It’s fun, easy, and best of all, interactive for the guests.
People always love a good fruit salad
  • Blake and I firmly believe in the communal experience in having a dinner like this. No matter how many people you have, you should have a seat and place for everyone to eat. The whole idea behind this party is food and eating with your closest friends, so you want to make sure your friends can enjoy it together. That said, we took over the living space in our apartment with three large tables, and a chair for each person. It was like we were set up for Thanksgiving!
Keep condiments, extra napkins, and baked goods on the table
  • If your Breakfast for Dinner Party is also serving as a birthday, try to get a properly themed cake! One of our friends graciously picked up this epic doughnut cake from Allie’s Donuts

After dinner, we cleared the tables and chairs, and set up our Rock Band instruments. Rock Band is a great game that gets everyone involved. Honestly, who can resist singing and playing Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer, or headbanging to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody? No one. See: Wayne’s World. Even if one is not playing an “instrument,” they can still feel like they are part of the experience.

Another great idea is breaking the Wii out and playing physically active games like Tennis or Just Dance. Trust me, not only is it fun to do while you are playing, but the silly things that happen and the sporadic movements from friends can supply entertainment in and if itself for all of your guests. With this in mind, one can either have a planned activity or just let your friends enjoys each other’s company. There is no perfect formula.

Way to rock your 30th bday, Blake!
Many of our friends say that this party is one of their favorites because they are so comfortable. One doesn’t have to worry about doing their hair, putting on makeup, or finding a cute (and often uncomfortable) outfit. People showed up in full out pajama sets, and others had on sweatshirts and t-shirts. Ladies ditched their contacts, mascara and eyeshadow, and wore the much more comfortable option of glasses.
I personally loved it. There’s nothing better for this pregnant mama to be in pajamas all day with the people she cares about most. Add in Blake’s outfit you see pictured above, and the night becomes an all around great time!

What is your favorite themed party that you have attended?