This post is part of the Tall Mom tiny baby’s Best Baby Friendly Places in Rhode Island Series.

One of my favorite places in Rhode Island is Blackstone Boulevard in Providence. It is located on the East Side, with one end near the Lincoln School, and the other end at Lippitt Park.

The Boulevard is 1.6 miles long, includes bike lanes, and a beautiful walking path. People from all walks of life come to enjoy the path, with their dogs, their babies, their friends, or just their iPod.

I used to walk the path almost every day during my pregnancy, and I now try to get there a few times a week with Itty Bitty.

The path is perfect for strollers, and is a pretty smooth ride (especially compared to some of the bumpy sidewalks on the East Side.) There are benches along the way, so if you or your little one need to take a break, you easily can. I have stopped a few times to nurse, or if our tiny baby needs a diaper change.

During the summer months many people flock to the boulevard for the Hope St Farmers Market, or for the summer concerts and events.

There is even a group called Fitness in the Park, which meets 3-4 times a week on the boulevard.  I have passed by this workout group a few times, and think I may need to give it a try!  There’s always 4-8 young moms, some with babies in strollers, some with toddlers.

Why do I LOVE Blackstone Boulevard?

  • It’s free
  • Gets us outdoors
  • Great place to meet up with friends
  • Never a shortage of new parents – so you can make NEW friends
  • Helps me work off some of that baby weight
  • Three Sisters is at the end, which means I get a delicious ice cream treat! 

Have you been to Blackstone Boulevard in Providence? What is your favorite season to go for a walk?