Southern New Englanders have had pretty rough hurricane seasons in the past years. Prior to this year, I’ve actually enjoyed the season, but now that I have a toddler on my hands, I need act more responsibly and properly prepare for worst case scenarios. This includes stocking up on non perishables, Duracell batteries, packing my emergency kit, and even preparing for arrangements for our new cat.

Pack your emergency kit. Include the following:

  • diapers & wipes
  • formula, premade non perishable baby food
  • 2/3 sets of clothing
  • Medication that any family members might need
  • Photo copy or scan (and place on a thumb drive) all important records like birth certificates, passports, immunization records, insurance cards, property deeds. 
  • Food
  • Water
  • Flashlights
  • Duracell Batteries 

Don’t forget about your pets:

  • Pack an extra bowl
  • Food
  • Leash
  • Blankets
  • a toy
  • scan or make a copy of immunization records
  • Find out where you will have to bring your pet if she isn’t allowed into an emergency shelter
Prepare your house and car:
  • During storm seasons, make sure your car’s gas tank is never less than half empty
  • Put all outside furniture away and tie it down before the storm approaches
  • Keep extra pillows, blankets or sleeping bags in your car in case you need to leave quickly
  • If you can, make sure you have a landline in case cellphone signals go down
Make your escape plan:
  • Know what roads are safe to drive during emergencies, and always have a backup route
  • Have an out of town contact so if your family gets seperated, you can use that person as a messenger. Or you can possibly use their location as a meeting place.
  • Have a planned meeting spot
So you’ve got the basic gameplan, are mentally ready and prepared to tackle the stormy season, but how do you make this FUN and not super duper stressful for your kids? Here are some tips on keeping your kids busy and calm while you prepare for bad weather conditions.
  • Take him shopping with you – FAR IN ADVANCE – so it isn’t a hectic stressful trip. My kid LOVES going to stores like Walmart. He gets to see all different people, touch all sorts of new things, and has a blast sitting in the cart.
  • Let him pick out a couple of toys that can be included in the kit. Plus, he can hold it and play with it a bit while you shop.

  • Back at home, have him help you figure out which flashlights work

  • Let him bang around on pots and pans while you pack your emergency kit
  • Bring him outside in the fresh air as you pack up your outdoor furniture and batten down the hatches.
  • Find books or puzzles that mention policemen, firemen, storms, rain, thunder, etc. Let your toddler become aware that these people in uniform are meant to help. That way, in case you do need assistance during a storm, they will not be as frightened of these new people. Also find books on storms, rain and thunder. Let them hear you say these words in a calm matter, because if they just hear it in hurried scared tones, or over the news, it might be scary for them. 
  • Include a separate emergency toy stash in case you lose power. 
  • Here are some great examples from Tall Mom tiny baby fans on Facebook:
I love these ideas – especially the glow sticks and glow necklaces! 
 Arts and crafts do not require ANY electricity – so be sure to stock up on whatever projects your kid likes.
I love the idea about having a flashlight at the children’s play area. This way, if the power goes out and catches you by surprise, you do not need to stumble around the house looking for your flashlight.

And last, give lots and lots of hugs. Your kids will feed off of your anxiety, and hugging them will make you feel better. Plus it will make them feel better. Play their favorite games, and shower them with love. Let them know that they will be alright.

What did I forget on this list that you would recommend I pack?
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