I’m a total tech lover, so my iPhone needed to be pimped out during my pregnancy.

Believe it or not, there are already over 1,000 apps geared towards pregnant women. I spent hours trying some out, and have since whittled down the list to my few favorites 🙂

1. My Days – Period & Ovulation : iPhone & Andriod : Free
I recommend this app for any woman – whether they are trying to get pregnant or not.

It’s simple, no frills, and allows you to track Aunt Flo’s visits -because unless your body runs like clockwork, remembering the timing of your last period can sometimes be a guessing game. While this app allows you to track your period, it also lets you know when you are (approximiately) ovulating. Which, of course, is super useful for those random doctor visits where the nurse asks when your last “time of the month” was, but its also great if you are trying to concieve.

2. Pregnancy : Sprout : Lite : iPhone : Free
I used this app to keep track of my weight, questions for my doctor, and to see the awesome 3-D image of what my tiny baby looked like week to week.

3. My Pregnancy Today : iPhone & Android : Free

This does it all – has week by week images of what your tiny baby may look like, explains what will be happening to you and your body, and gives you fun facts each day. It also gives you a suggested checklist – to help keep you happy and sane.

I did some of the items that needed to be checked off, but certainly not all. Some were serious – like pack your hospital bag – while others were fun like taking a picture of yourself.

4. Pregnancy Tracker from WhatToExpect.com : iPhone & Android : Free
You know the book, What to Expect When Expecting? Don’t buy it. Just watch the movie (which was surprisingly good btw) and then download this FREE app. It will take you through the entire book, with week by week details about you and your tiny baby.

The book can be overwhelming, whereas this app serves you up useful and timely information.

There is also a forum available through the app, where you can meet all sorts of people.

I was able to chat with other moms-to-be from Rhode Island (Providence) and also met up with mothers from around the world who were all due the same month as I.

5. wee mail : iPhone : Free

Who doesn’t like a few laughs, right? Well the app wee mail gives you a special little funny (often hysterical) message each day. You’ll learn about all different developments in a comedic format.

I highly recommend this app for partners and friends as well – so they know what the mom-to-be is experiencing, without all of the personal details 😉 

6. mPregnancy – for Men with Pregnant Women : iPhone : $2.99

Let’s hear it for the boys – or should I say – the MEN in our lives. Getting my hubby to read a pregnancy book was difficult. I did everything I could. I even found a funny-guys-approach-to-pregnancy-book, stuck it in the bathroom with an ultrasound picture, and a note saying:

“Hi Dad, I can’t read yet, and mom’s already doing a lot of work. Can you please read this book too so that you know whats going on too? It’s kinda big deal. Love, Itty Bitty.”

After that, my loving hubby DID read the book – but had I known about this app it would have made the process a whole lot easier.

7. Nametrix : iPhone : Free

You’ll probably rent a couple of baby name books, search the web for all different sorts of names, spellings, and meanings. Well this app, Nametrix, will add a little spice to the name game. While you’re searching for the perfect addition to your surname, you can see what people with that name’s professions have been, when the name has been popular, as well as what political party most people with that name aligned themselves with. It was a fun app to play around with on drives to the doctors office, especially when we found out that top profession for hubby’s name was a “XXX dancer.” Saucy!

8. Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer : iPhone : Free

Have this app, or one just like it, on your phone after you’ve hit the 36 week mark. Its easy to use, and helps you keep track of how long & how far apart your contractions are. As soon as those contractions kick in, you are going to want to start keeping track!

Remember to download this on your partner’s phone as well, since they will most likely be the ones keeping track of the contractions. You’ll be too busy pacing the floor, focusing on staying calm, and packing the last minute things in your hospital bag. Remember the 4-1-1 trick —> go to the hospital when contractions are four minutes apart, lasting for a minute or more, and have been occurring for an hour.

9. Baby Connect : iPhone : Andriod : $4.99

I know, I know — $4.99 for an app? There are free ones on the market that claim to help you with your baby, so why spend close to five dollars? I’ll tell you why – its because this one is the best. You can track feedings, diapers, sleep, medical tasks, activities, moods, and much more.

But the best part is that you can sync your phones. This means if you are FINALLY taking a nap after giving birth, and your hubby changes the baby’s diaper – that he can record it in his phone. Or if you need to feed your baby, and can’t seem to find your phone, your hubby can start to time it.

Now why do you need to be so anal about tracking everything your baby eats or does in their diaper? Because when you are in the hospital a nurse comes in to check on you, every hour or so, and the first thing they ask you is “When was the last time the baby ate? On which breast? For how long? When was the baby’s last diaper? What was in it? What color?”

Normally you’d be able to keep track of this information, but once you become a parent, all of your brain turns to mush and you can no longer comprehend time. Instead of being a hot mess, do yourself a favor and download this app. This is the app that I recommend THE MOST to my friends and family. At four months old, I still use it for the sleep function, because I am trying to find out if Itty Bitty has any schedule to his sleep habits. Trust me, the app will be used for an incredibly long time, and it will save your sanity!
10. Peapod : iPhone : Android : Free

Food shopping with a newborn sounds as fun as swimming with starving pirranahs. First you have to park, then you have to finagle how you are going to carry your baby into the store. The freezing cold air from the produce section will most likely make your tiny baby cringe and cry, and don’t even get me started on the old ladies who will come up to you and try to touch and kiss your tiny baby while they are waiting in line for their 1/4 of Land O’ Lakes cheese. Don’t waste your precious time. Stay home, in your pajamas, and order your food to be delivered to your door. Better yet, order food that just has to be microwaved. Maybe some of your favorite treats, and a tub of cookie dough so you can make cookies for your family and friends who come over to shower you and the baby with love.

Make life easy for yourself, spend the $5 delivery fee, and smile knowing that you just went food shopping while you were in bed watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix, with your baby fast asleep on your chest. You are now an awesome multitasking parent. Congrats!

Have you ever used one of these apps?