Imagine being pregnant and wanting to nurse, but realizing after your baby is born, that for whatever reason, it’s impossible.  It must be devastating.  Trust me, after speaking with a number of experts, it can happen very easily.  Maybe your milk supply just never came in, or your breasts couldn’t work the way you had hoped. Or you needed to be on medication that prevented you from breastfeeding.

Maybe you’re an adoptive parent and you wish you could hold your tiny baby in your arms while they fed like breastfeeding mothers do.

Or you could be in a situation like mine, where my Itty Bitty almost always refuses to take a bottle from anyone, and just wants to nurse and be held next to me. Maybe if someone else could feed him in a similar manner, he would take a bottle easier.

Now, please read this with an open mind, and let me introduce you to the Nurse Me Tender.

By now you probably know that I love helping promote local products. Well, I recently learned about a product that is from Nova Scotia. No, it’s not completely local, but much of my family history derives from the beautiful part of Canada. So it’s kinda local to me.

Anyway, this product is different than anything else I’ve ever seen, and at first I was a little puzzled. When I spoke to Tall Dad about it, he might have giggled and mentioned something about being Robert DeNiro in Meet the Fockers.  I learned, however, about more details concerning Nurse Me Tender, and I became incredibly impressed by this product.

Nurse Me Tender is an alternative to bottle feeding, and gives the baby and mom a “breastfeeding-like” experience.

Creator Christa Anderson realized that transitioning a breastfed baby to a bottle can sometimes be a struggle. Christa wondered if holding a baby in the breastfeeding position would help the process.

Plus, by actually wearing the bottle, the caregiver can be hands-free while the baby eats. Hands-free is something I take for granted when I breastfeed. It sounds a little silly, but I love that I have a free hand, so I can hold Itty Bitty’s hand or stroke his head while he feeds. Actually, some of this blog post was written while I nursed thanks to my smartphone. Having a hand free rocks!

And yes, I just said caregiver. Why? Well, maybe dad, grandma, or someone else wants to help feed your baby, and wants to hold them in the cradle hold. There’s something rather sweet and special to holding a baby this way. Maybe your baby is like mine, and fights being fed a bottle…and this might help. 

Many babies everyday are fed from bottles without any problem. So why have the Nurse Me Tender?

Well, I’ll be honest. I don’t think it’s for everyone. 

Some people may think it’s odd, and not be open or interested in it. 

But there are other people out there that I think would honestly love this product.

  • A woman who has undergone a mastectomy, or some form of breast surgery. Or maybe is undergoing treatments and her breastmilk is not safe for the baby.
  • A father who longs to hold his baby belly to belly as he or she feeds.
  • Adoptive parents, who otherwise would never even have the option of holding their baby in this manner.
  • Or anyone else who would like to try a different transition to bottle.

The Nurse Me Tender is incredibly comfortable, made with quality products and fabric. It comes with it’s own bottle as well as nipples. The nipples are non leaking nipples, and act similarly to breasts. It is a left side only design, and is a one size fits all. You can hold your baby cradle, cross cradle, and in the football hold.
The bottles are BPA Free, Phthalates and PVC Free, and have an anti-colic air system.

For the time being, I believe most people in the US who own a Nurse Me Tender will wear them in their own homes. Reason being, many moms people are afraid or shy to breastfeed in public, and they may worry that it would be frowned upon as well to feed their babies with a Nurse Me Tender.

Maybe, someday in the near future, people will stop judging caregivers for how they feed their babies. Whether by breast or bottle, hopefully people will just realize that parents have the best interest for their own children and their families.

Christa and I have teamed up to do a Nurse Me Tender starter pack giveaway!  Enter below – Good Luck!
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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.