Read along for my review of my new favorite baby carrier, the Boba Air, but also make sure you check out the bottom of the post – because I’ve teamed up with a bunch of awesome bloggers to giveaway a BobaAir Carrier, a Boba 4G and a Boba Wrap (3 separate winners!) 


First off, let’s just acknowledge the purple elephant in the room…yes, thats a Star Wars: Episode 1 poster in the background of this picture.  It hangs proudly in my living room.  Yup, the formal living room.  Nerds for life.  Ok, moving on…

Some moms own several strollers, but this Tall Mom owns a closet full of carriers! I absolutely love wearing my baby (or is he a toddler now? I have no clue!) Even though he is now pushing 26 pounds, wearing him either in the front carry, or back carry, is still my ideal way of transportation.

Some carriers were for Itty Bitty when he was a newborn, and others for when we are in the pool. However, I don’t have anything that is slim for travel, or a carrier for the hot summer days that are hopefully on the horizon. Thankfully, I came across the Boba Air.Specifics about the BobaAir:

  • Ultra lightweight, and great for travelers or parents on the go
  • Intended for children 15-45lbs
  • 100% nylon
  • Front and back carry options
  • Sleeping hood and pocket
  • Self storing
  • Comfortably fits event the tallest of moms – like myself  (Fits adults heights 5’0″-6’3″)
  • Nice waistband range from 27 inches to 55 inches (which is freakin’ awesome if you ask me because not everyone is a toothpick.)
  • Machine washable – thank god!

The BobaAir is super lightweight, I’m talking only 0.7 pounds! The feather light nylon carrier even zips up into it’s own little pouch. Kind of like a Popple. Do you remember those little stuffed animals? I’m pretty sure my brother owned three of them.

But I digress….

Ok, the other purple elephant in the room – yes, that’s a viking hat on my son.  My last name is Larsen, which is Danish.  We’re authentic in this family. Real life Beowulf. Moving on, once again….

Because the BobaAir is light nylon, its not going to suffocate you, or your baby, during the heat and humidity. While there’s no extra cushioning or padding to trap your body heat, it doesn’t mean it is uncomfortable. The straps stay in place, and properly support your baby’s weight along your waist and back.

Remember those old VHS boxes that had two movies in them, like Titanic, or The Godfather?  Well, the BobaAir is pretty much the size of that box.  Best part is that it’s squishy – so you can just toss it in your diaper bag, keep it in your car, or even throw it in your purse.  It’s not so dense that it can’t be smushed into a little ball for your convenience.  
Seriously, I love the Boba Air, especially because it’s meant for older babies and toddlers. The support for Itty Bitty’s bottom and hips is incredible, and I’m excited that we will be able to use this carrier for an extended period of time. 
Itty Bitty is in the 99th percentile for height and weight (I know, I know, not so tiny anymore, right?) but he isn’t interested in walking anytime soon. Strollers are great, but I personally find them cumbersome in many situations. Who the heck has the time to clean it out, break it down, put it in the trunk, take it back out, reassemble it, then strap the kid in while he’s squirming around, and then get moving?  

Nobody, that’s who.  

Especially me.  

So, having a carrier that supports my growing baby, is lightweight, and easy to use is a godsend for this Tall Mom.


Myself and a few other fantastic bloggers have teamed up with Boba to offer an amazing giveaway. Three separate winners will win either a Boba 4G Carrier, BobaAir, or a Boba Wrap.

Wicked awesome, right?

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Disclosure: While I was sent this carrier to review, all opinions are honest and solely my own.