Cue the Beatles everyone, because they say it’s my birthday today!

That’s right – this Tall Mom was born on one of the best days of the year, Cinco de Mayo, which, naturally, I have dubbed “Cinco de Mary!” I love celebrating life, and believe that my birthday is not just one day, but an entire week long of awesomeness.

In light of that awesomeness, here’s my gift to you, my lovely readers. To celebrate the fifth day of the fifth month, I’m going to be giving away 6 items from 5 FANTASTIC companies! These are all brands that I love and adore, and I believe are are an absolute necessity when have a newborn baby.

1. NuRoo Pocket & NuRoo Nursing Scarf

First, you can win two, yep, TWO fantastic items by one of my favorite companies – NuRoo.  I’ve already written about my love for the NuRoo Scarf, and the NuRoo Pocket.  The NuRoo Pocket is an extremely comfortable shirt that allows you the ability to wear your baby with full on skin to skin contact and was a staple of mine for the first couple of months of Itty Bitty’s life. I absolutely adore the two Rhode Island women who own and operate Nuroo, and highly recommend their products to any new parent.  Because they rock so much, they have offered to giveaway 2 items – their scarf and the pocket!  Whoever wins this is one lucky devil ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Boppy Pillow

Secondly, the winner will get a Boppy Pillow. I don’t know what I would have done without my Boppy Pillow.  From day one, this pillow has not only acted as a breastfeeding support, but was also the main pillow for my head while I stayed in my recovery room at the hospital. I still use this pillow occasionally because it is THAT comfortable. The Boppy Pillow will instantly make your most baby-holding-fearful-friend suddenly confident. Everyone who visited Itty Bitty while he was young raved about using the pillow. It’s just easy and awesome!

3. WubbaNub

The third item is a WubbaNub.  WubbaNubs are probably the number one thing I recommend to new moms. They are adorable pacifiers that have a little stuffed animal sewn into them. Super easy for babies to hold or find in their crib. We love WubbaNubs so much that we actually own three!

4.  $20 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

May the Fourth be with You. Haha, okay, that was yesterday’s joke. The fourth item is a $20 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts was like a best friend to me during the first few months after giving birth. It was always there for me. It didn’t judge me if I was wearing the same pajamas multiple days in a row. And it was always a pick me up. You, your partner, your parents or friends – all deserve some good ol’ Dunkin Donuts if there’s a newborn in the picture. Whether you are sharing a Box of Joe, or treating yourself to a daily iced French Vanilla, get yourself some caffeinated goodness! 

5.  SwaddleMe

Last, but certainly not least, is a SwaddleMe. Babies are born with this crazy reflex that makes them slap themselves in their face. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Their hands and arms flap around when they are sleeping, and it startles the poor buggers! It’s because of this face slapping behavior that you will most certainly want to swaddle your tiny baby. Now you can either try to swaddle your little one in a blanket, or you can save your sanity and invest in a super easy, affordable, and wiggle proof SwaddleMe. Thank your lucky stars that Velcro was invented, and embrace the ease of these SwaddleMes! They are like a comfy cozy cocoon.  

Note, I have not been compensated at all to host this giveaway or gush about these products.  They are just freakin’ awesome, the companies are amazing, and I want to share the love!  That counts as a disclosure right?

Enter below – and make sure you leave a blog post comment.  Keep checking the blog Monday thru Friday for the rest of the Giveaways – and good luck ! Now go celebrate Cinco de Mary and eat some tacos and grab a margarita (or lemon lime seltzer water if you’re pregnant.)
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