As many of you may know, Tall Dad and I host a fantastic podcast every single week called ParentCast. It’s all about our trials and crazy life with Itty Bitty, and each other. It’s also a great forum where we interview local experts on various subjects to help inform parents who have no clue what they’re doing!  Kinda like us!  We laugh at ourselves, and encourage a Judgement Free Zone where all parents get to laugh at each other.

Tall Dad and I discuss everything Doula related with Kim McNiece, a doula from Blessed Beginnings in Rhode Island. So, what the heck is a doula, and why are they important? Also, learn about the greatest hero in the history of American cinema, how Junior Mints saved the day, why Tall Dad is going into full Elton John mode, and guess who admits to their seriously inappropriate crush.

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Oh, and remember this about ParentCast – it’s free, it’s funny, and it’s a lot better than therapy.