mommy makeup for labor

“She got her holidays mixed up”, you say.  ”This weekend is Memorial Day”.  I am quite aware of that, although I must admit it snook up on me this year.  Anyway, recently I was posed the question by a  gorgeous pregnant woman,  what makeup she should be wearing during labor and deliver.  Having gone through this process myself twice before, my initial thought was :”Honey, when you are in labor, you are not going to give a crap how you look. All you care about is making it through the next contraction.” But, I kept thinking about it and it started making sense to me.

One thing you learn once you have kids is that life is unpredictable and this starts with those precious little cherubs making their grand entrance.  Rarely does it go as planned, but if it does, and you do actually find yourself  with an extra 5 minutes, why not use that time to apply a little makeup and look your best in those cherished pictures moments after the baby is born?  Looking back, I sure wish I had spruced up a little.  After pondering this further,  I realized that going through labor is much like a wedding (at least makeup wise, anyway).  It needs to be water proof, sweat proof, cry proof, last long hours and make you look like your best self in pictures.  You just want a little something to give you the postpartum  ”glow”.  So without further ado, here are my labor day beauty picks.

1)  Garnier BB Cream has garnered rave reviews in the beauty industry for giving you and even, dewy complexion that lasts for hours.

2)  Nars Radiant Cream Concealer is easy to use and illuminates the under eye area, eradicating those dark circles.

3) Tarte Cheek Stain gives you a gorgeous, natural flush and it stays put.

4)  Benefit Brow Zings contains everything you need to give yourself a perfect brow, which is so important in pictures.

5)  Urban Decay 24/7 Gilde-On Waterproof Eyeliner does not budge once it is applied and glides on easily.  Keep it close to the lashline for the most natural, eye defining look.

6) Top it all off with some waterproof mascara.  This one is my favorite.

7) During labor, my big thing was lip balm.  I was constantly applying it.  I love Fresh Sugar LipBalm for its hydrating qualities and the prettiest, barely there touch of color it leaves on your lips.

Incidentally, these products are also wonderful once you have entered motherhood.  I found that putting on a little makeup made me feel more human during those first dazed months of sleepless nights, poopy diapers and spit up on your shirt.

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy and remember to enjoy the ride!

About the guest writer, Kirsten Brusse:

Kirsten Brusse is a beauty expert and professionally licensed makeup artist with over 17 years experience in the industry.  Her career in the field began working for such companies as Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Stila as their makeup artist.   She has an extensive portfolio of weddings, magazine, runway and television work.  Her artistry and advice have been published on The Knot, Style Me Pretty,The Providence Journal and Rhode Island PBS, among others.  She was part of the makeup team at StyleWeek NorthEast 2013 and is a regular contributor to WPRI’s The Rhode Show.  Most recently, Kirsten has started a beauty and lifestyle blog,, in an effort to make her knowledge and expertise accessible to everyone in a fun and approachable way.  Additionally, Kirsten teaches classes, seminars and workshops that focus on each woman’s unique beauty and a “less is more” approach to makeup application.  It is her passion to help women look and feel beautiful.  ”When you look good on the outside, you feel confident on the inside”.  Her philosophy on makeup is that it should be fun and non-intimidating.  It is makeup after all!  Kirsten makes her home in Providence, RI with her husband and her two boys.