So – I kinda forgot to post Episode 13 here.  I am totally sorry.  Episode 13 had a very special guest in Audrey McClelland, the founder of  We asked Audrey to come in and talk about how she juggles her large family and runs her extremely successful blog at the same time.  She was very funny, personable, and lent a lot of great insight on he she manages it all.

In this episode, you’ll also learn about Blake’s new favorite term, “man-genuity,” how a blog can be just as good and useful as a baby book, why the internet is a blessing, but also an extremely scary place for moms, and why Rhys is definitely going to Harvard.

Click here to listen to Episode 13 – How To Juggle Family And Work

Everybody, I don’t care who you are, always runs into the same problem of balancing work and maintaining their family life.  Moms especially.  We have to be mom, employee/boss/owner, wife, chef, housekeeper, and we actually have to carve a little time out for ourselves too!  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to keep it all together.  This interview, with an expert in the topic of being a busy mom and entreprenuer, is a great first step in trying to find a foothold in the crazy life of being a working parent.
 Check it out!

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How do you juggle your family and work at the same time?