As you may recall, Tall Dad and I have decided to clean out our bodies  – which of course means our  pantry as well; all in the name of succeeding at the Whole30 Challenge.  We vowed to eat only meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats for 30 straight days. Granted, we slipped up halfway through, but Tall Dad and I are going to restart the Whole30 with a new sense of determination. We learned what worked for us, and what didn’t during the last try, and one of our greatest successes was having Whole30 friendly dishes in our freezer – ready to go. These delicious and timesaving meals are by PreMade Paleo. Hit the jump to find out how PreMade Paleo can chaneg your life…

Truth be told, neither Tall Dad nor myself is going to be the next Julia Child.  I can make 3 recipes, 2 of which can not be applied to Whole30. Tall Dad loves to cook, but it takes him an exceedingly long time to cut, dice, chop, saute, and then plate. 

Cooking in our tiny kitchen is stressful, time consuming, and makes a mess.

And believe you me – Tall Dad hates messes.

So when we began our Whole30 journey, I turned to the internet for helpful tips. Many sites listed dozens of recipes to try, but I became overwhelmed by the amount of time I would be possibly spending in my un-air conditioned kitchen this summer.

That is when I found Pre-Made Paleo, and connected with Chef Richard who told me all about his easy to prepare home delivered paleo diet meals.

Premade? Check

Whole30 approved? Check

Delivered to my tiny apartment? SHUT UP!

I’ll break things down for you into 4 categories: 

Delivery, Cooking, Taste, and Overall Experience.


A large cardboard box arrived on our doorstep early one morning. Inside were several delicious meals, waiting to be eaten. But, sadly for me, I was at work and busy until later that evening.

Well what do you know, the Pre-Made Paleo meals were packaged in tons of dry ice. Each meal was still frozen to the core!! It was awesome.

Then Tall Dad and I realized we didn’t have room in our freezer for all of these meals (tip, seriously make room for your new food if you decide to order some) and so we picked up some more ice and added it to the styrofoam cooler.

Between our ice and the dry ice, our meals stayed frozen until we transferred them into our freezer.


The instructions for Pre-Made Paleo meals are incredibly simple. They can be heated in a skillet or on the stove, covered in a conventional oven, or my favorite – the microwave.  Now, reheating meals in a stovetop skillet is the recommended method, but my apartment gets sooooo hot in the summer – and if I do not have to turn on my burner to cook a meal – I’m one happy camper.

The Pre-Made Paleo bags are BPA and EA (I don’t even know what EA stands for!) free and specifically designed for cooking. Watch the video below to see how Chef Richard recommends you reheat the meals.


The meals generally include 1 protein, and 2 sides, which abides by the Whole30 guidelines.  They are incredibly delicious, which helped Blake and I try some veggies and dishes that we would have honestly never made. For example – Asian Slaw.  

Who the heck knew there was even such a thing? 

More proof? No problem: tonight, Tall Dad ate sweet potato hash. 

He normally HATES sweet potatoes. But he gobbled the Pre-Made Paleo hash in an instant.

My favorite dishes so far have been the breakfast skillets (because I am so darn sick of eating eggs each morning), the beef brisket, and the plum turkey.

As for sides, I have honestly loved them all. The biggest reason being – I didn’t have to COOK them! I am terrible with seasoning, I often over boil items, or char them, but these Pre-Made Paleo sides were delightful.


Is Pre-Made Paleo for everyone? Probably not. Some people may miss carbs, sugar, and dairy.

But, if you’re sticking to a paleo lifestyle, or are doing a Whole30 challenge, or want to have some super gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, legume-free, refined sugar-free meals then you will want to stock up on some from Pre-Made Paleo.

Plus, the meats are grass-fed, grass finished, antibiotic/ hormone free, free range and pastured.

Aaaaaand the veggies are hand-picked, locally sourced and organic!

Basically, the crew from Pre-Made Paleo make the best meals out of the BEST ingredients possible. And all you need to do is warm them up on a skillet.  Or, a microwave – if you are stuck in a fancy non air-conditioned kitchen like me.

You can find Pre-Made Paleo all over the web! Check out their links below:

website   |   facebook   |   twitter   |   youtube
note: I received some complimentary meals from Pre-Made Paleo for my review. 
All opinions are honest and true.

Want to see me “cook” dinner?