Ever go on Facebook and your feed is clogged up with nothing but babies, parent stuff, and complaints from parents?  No, not the occasional post from your friends, but those people that over-share EVERYTHING?  You know what I mean – those parents who make EVERY SINGLE POST about their kid?  Yep – we bring in special guest Julie, and return special guest Erik to talk about this very subject this episode.  Hit the jump to find out why no one is going to like us after this episode.

I hate Facebook.  Seriously, it sucks.  Well, I do like it for staying in touch with friends that live in far off places, but I swear that is the ONLY good use it provides.  But, now we’re getting to the age where everyone of our friends has kids, right?  So now our Facebook timeline’s have been totally hi-jacked by our progeny.  And it gets pretty oppressive – and down right competitive.  Maybe everyone is afraid to say it – but it’s true!  And that’s why you have us.  We’ll do the dirty work for you 🙂  So, in this episode you’ll learn why Facebook just plain sucks, why, contrary to your beliefs – you’re kid’s not getting into Harvard, why breastmilk is just as powerful as windex, and why no one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to like us after this episode.

We did it again – sorry guys – all the listener feedback had to be pushed off to next week.  I know, I know, we’re terrible.  But, we had such a great conversation about this subject that we didn’t want to cut the content short.  So – all the feedback will be published and discussed next week.  But this episode was great and seemed more like a complaining session, despite the fact that I have committed almost every one of these faux pas.
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Have you committed these faux pas? Or are you sick of this stuff like us?