Mary and Blake talk all about how to plan financially for a baby with super special guests Derek & Carrie Olsen from the “Better Conversations” podcast!  They were excellent guests and we learned A TON!  Hit the jump to find out how money can be a force for good in your marriage.


Money and babies are basically oil and water.  There is nothing you can do to prevent those little buggers from sucking up every ounce of savings you have.  Well, strike that.  There is one thing you can do – you can listen to our guests Derek & Carrie.  They are experts in this field, as well as the field of having better and more productive conversations with your significant other.  In this episode you’ll learn how planning a budget CAN be a fun activity, what apps and tips you can use to better plan your budget, and that money can be a force for GOOD in your marriage.  You’ll also learn why Enya is not on Blake’s playlist, how Dunkin’ Donuts almost ruined Blake and Mary’s marriage, why chocolate & butter hi-jacked this episode, and why Mary and Blake completely lose their composure (and perhaps any shred of professionalism) mid-recording.

Derek & Carrie are super freakin’ awesome.  What’s more is that they have an even better podcast that can be used as a fantastic tool to help better your marriage/relationship.  Please do yourself a favor and visit/ subscribe to Derek & Carrie by clicking here and give them a 5 star review.  We would really appreciate it.
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What have you spent a lot of money on that you probably shouldn’t have?