Tall Dad and I have taken on the task of eating only protein, vegetables, fruits and nuts for 30 straight days – as part of the Whole30 program. 

The only problem was, our tiny apartment is chock full of grains, cookies, candy, ice cream, and an assortment of items we are no longer able to eat. It was time to prepare and shop for our Whole 30 adventure!

First, I cleaned out all of the old overdue vegetables and fruit from our fridge. I also took out our beer and Narraganset Shandy. Insert sad trombone sound. I will have one on day 31, that’s for sure!

We also threw away all of our chips and cookies. I said farewell to my cheese sticks and yogurts. I said see you later to my wine glasses and put them away on their shelf. Ciao lovely pastas and breads. 

Next I turned to Peapod, and began putting items that I already love (and fit within the plan) into my virtual cart. 

Here’s what I bought for our first week:
All of these items and more are allowed on the Whole30 plan! 
The key to food shopping on Whole30 is to stick to eat a palm’s worth of protein, and then fill the rest of your plate with veggies. You can sprinkle in some fruit and nuts here or there – but you really want to bank up on your protein and vegetables.  These two power-packed items are going to give your body energy, fend off hunger, and make you feel better than you ever had before!

I got tons of recipes and inspiration from other blogs, and pinned lots of my favorites. Check them out here on my Whole30 Pinterest Board.

What Whole30 items are your favorite to eat? (Think meats, fish, veggies, fruits and nuts!)