Last night was epic as it was amazing. It was our first Halloween as a family of four! 
We were a family full of Star Wars characters. Tall Dad was the dashing Han Solo, our kids were Chewbacca and Yoda, and I was Princess Leia from A New Hope. I love dressing up – for any reason – and am so excited that my oldest child is now old enough to go trick-or-treating…so that my family can have a reason to all get dressed up!
Despite his best efforts, I was not convinced by Tall Dad to wear the Princess Leia slave outfit from Return Of The Jedi.  I mean, aside from the obvious reason that I would be freezing, it wouldn’t make sense within the context of our costume choices – and most, importantly, the story telling continuity would have been compromised since his Han Solo outfit matched the one worn in A New Hope.  Listen, I’m a lot of things – but I’m definitely not one to mess with Star Wars canon.
We went out on a parade with HUNDREDS of other people from local neighborhoods and we may have been told more than once that our costumes were the highlight of the parade. 
It was great to see all the kids in the costumes, and even people who love certain fandoms too!  Notice Rick Grimes in the background of the above photo?  What a great idea, right?!  Maybe we’ll have a The Walking Dead theme next year.

In the mean time, however, Star Wars is perfect.  I mean, can my little lass be ANY cuter? She totally rocked it as a baby Yoda.  (Yes, the force is definitely strong with her.)

We capped the night off with visiting some houses in our neighborhood and loading Rhys up on way more sugar than any 2 1/2 year actually needs.  Then when the kids FINALLY went to bed, we had some friends over, ate some home made tacos, had some adult beverages and watched the Johnny Depp classic, “Sleepy Hollow.”

Gone are the days of yore when we visited friends houses, Halloween raves, zombie pub crawls, or enjoying the night life of our beautiful city.  But, I think I’m ok with that.  

I look at my little Chewie as he raced up to doors as quickly as he could to get his hands on one more tidbit of candy, and I feel like I’ve moved beyond all that stuff.  Call me old, call me boring – but I was fulfilled. My little Star Wars family was having a genuinely great time together. 

How did you spend your Halloween?
Talk soon friends,