Snuggled within Morris Avenue on the East Side of Providence is a precious and perfect little playground specifically aimed at babies and toddlers.

The toddler park on Morris Ave seems to have been an extra house lot the city may have taken over and filled with mulch and fenced in. It is not large, but I actually like that about it. Unlike its larger playground neighbor, the Glady’s Potter Garden, the Morris Ave tot lot is cute and compact – and you can see you little one playing at all times. 
This park is so tiny, in fact, that many people drive by it not even knowing it exists. I personally lived and hung out on the East Side of Providence for 9 years before I knew this little playground was there. 
Like the other toddler playgrounds in Providence, there are no restrooms or water fountains (or as we a Rhode Islanders call them – bubblers). There is one picnic table, and a few benches throughout this micro-park, and most people park their strollers outside of the fence so that they do not clutter up the playground.

There is one baby swing, and one big kid swing, as well as a young kid appropriate playground with two slides and steps to climb on and a tunnel. 

The park seems to have lots of donated toys like playhouses, a rocking horse, small cars, big trucks, play kitchens, and a toy boat. 

Dogs and smoking are not allowed in the Morris Ave Tot Lot, and there is a trash can just outside the park. 

The walls of the park have a concrete base, and you’ll always find chalk drawings along it. 
I really like this park because of its small size and the fact that big kids do not frequent it. The toys and size of the playground are really aimed at kids 7 and younger, and I like that I can always know where my son is. 

There is one really large tree in the park, and a few nearby, so it is incredibly shady. 

There is also a Free Little Library station in the toddler park!

Morris Ave can be a bit busy of a road – I feel like someone is always having construction on their house, but you can rest assured that your child will be safe because it is completely fenced in. 

The Morris Avenue Toddler Park is close to Hope St, so if you or your little one need a restroom or a bite to eat, you are just a short distance away from a variety of places. My recommendations are Hope Returns, a children’s consignment store that is breastfeeding and bathroom friendly, and Apsara’s Palace which is a delicious Thai restaurant that often have toddlers and babies inside. If you just want a coffee – take a stroll to Seven Stars Bakery and grab yourself one of their old fashioned cinnamon rolls. They are literally life changing.
The Morris Ave baby park is surely going to be one of my favorite places to visit with my kids. I sometimes get overwhelmed venturing out with a toddler and an infant on my own, but this parks size makes me feel completely confident. 
Side note: out of all of the parks that I visit, this one seems to have the most dads without moms. Maybe there are a lot of stay at home dads nearby, or maybe they just like the masculine Jeep toy. 

Whatever it is, if you’re a dad, or happen to know a few and want to take your kid to the park – give this one a try! Maybe your park experience will also be filled with interesting man chats 😉

So to wrap up the Morris Ave Tot Lot:

  • located at the corner of Fisher St and Morris Ave on the East Side of Providence, between two houses (387 Morris Ave.)
  • completely fenced in, with a gate
  • lots of toys
  • shady
  • woodchips on ground, and soft foam under swings
  • playground
  • 1 baby swing
  • 1 big kid swing
  • 3 slides – toddler sized
  • 1 picnic table
  • 4 benches
  • no restrooms or water fountain/bubbler

Have you ever been to the Morris Ave playground? What playgrounds and parks do you suggest my family try? 

Talk soon friends, 

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