When you have a kid, intimacy changes.  Some good, some bad, some of it is indescribable. But, we can all agree that it changes.  Tall Dad and I have a pretty good intimate life – but I am always looking for ways to make sure that both and I can keep that same attraction to one another.  On a walk one day, I discovered Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo of the absolutely phenomenal podcast, ONE Extraordinary Marriage. Literally thousands upon thousands of people listen to them on a weekly basis. They are EXPERTS in the field of intimacy and were such a big help to the Tall Parents that I knew I needed to introduce them to our listeners on ParentCast. So, hit the jump to find out how Tony & Alisa can save your sex life…

Yes, it sounds a little like a Cosmo magazine article. I get it. But, I promise that Tony & Alisa offer so much more.  It’s not about getting sexy outfits (although that doesn’t hurt) or some new move a lady discovered in the depths of the Amazon (and, no, that doesn’t hurt either).  Rather, they help with the emotional aspect of intimacy and define it as so much more.  It’s hard.  You have to step out of your emotional comfort zone, and you have to put in the work.  So in this episode you’ll learn 3 ways to reignite your intimacy with your spouse. 1. Be intentional. 2. Stop The Glorification Of “Busy.” 3. Take Action.  You’ll also learn why Rhys loves banks now, why this podcast needs a little more testosterone and why Blake is literally incapable of closing out the show properly.

Tony & Alisa are funny, witty, and extremely informative. I highly recommend their podcast and everything else they have to offer!  What else do they do? They offer coaching sessions, they’ve written books and they have meet up sessions for people looking for help all across the country.  These guys are legit.  If you’d like to contact them for ANY of their services, please click here.
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What have you done to reignite your intimacy?