Baby P90x Yoga

My tiny baby simply adores Tall Dad. He follows him around the house wherever he goes. When he wakes up he looks around trying to find “Dada.” The biggest smile of the day occurs when Tall Dad comes home work space and Itty Bitty hears ” daddy’s home!”  But the cutest part of the day, more »

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Swing Into Spring

Even though winter decided to stick around a little bit longer than we had hoped here in New England, I’m still making sure to take my tiny baby outside to get some fresh air. His favorite activity right now is going on the baby swing! He could sit in that swing for a half-hour, happily more »

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Nurse Me Tender Review and Giveaway

Imagine being pregnant and wanting to nurse, but realizing after your baby is born, that for whatever reason, it’s impossible.  It must be devastating.  Trust me, after speaking with a number of experts, it can happen very easily.  Maybe your milk supply just never came in, or your breasts couldn’t work the way you had more »

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