Blake’s Thoughts

Baby P90x Yoga

My tiny baby simply adores Tall Dad. He follows him around the house wherever he goes. When he wakes up he looks around trying to find “Dada.” The biggest smile of the day occurs when Tall Dad comes home work space and Itty Bitty hears ” daddy’s home!”  But the cutest part of the day, more »

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The Toolbox In My Car

Tall Dad was obviously impressed by the plethora of tools available in my car. At least I have jumper cables. Does everyone else have a massive collection of tools in their car at all times? 

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Like Father Like Son {video}

Who knew my uterus  yeap, thats a diagram of a uterus. was a flux capacitor…. they do kinda look the same shape though…right? Turns out, my pregnant belly was more like a time machine – back to 1983!    Why?   Because, aside from the few freckles on his cheeks, And the squinty eyes when he more »

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