Tall Mom Had Her Tiny Baby

Sorry for the brief hiatus. Mid last week I noticed that my body was starting to give me some symbols that the times were-a-changin’, and boy were they! Photo credit: Erica Shea, of Blessed Beginnings How the week unfolded will be a seperate blog post, but I wanted to let you know that we welcomed more »

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Every Night I Cheat On My Husband

I adore my husband. Honestly, I really do. Our love is pretty unique and we seem to have an understanding of each other that is beyond words. It’s pretty great. I mean, we’re not Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook here, ( btw, I still can’t tell if that whole pond scene with more »

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Happy 2013!

My husband and I made a toast last night to our relationship. My pregnancy appropriate cranberry and sprite clanked against his fancy bourbon drink, and we giggled over the past five years spent together. Our resolution is to keep our itty bitty family strong, for all the years to come. While he slept in this more »

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