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It’s funny how being pregnant and then having a new baby in your household totally makes one’s life topsy turvy. Time flies by faster than the speed of light, and before you know it, you’re celebrating your child’s first birthday…or if you’re like me…possibly gearing up to have your next baby.

During the difficult months of dealing with colic, I made a promise to myself to take pictures of Rhys, so that I could remember the precious moments. The firsts. The times that I didn’t want to pass by in the blink of an eye. 

Our family was so sleep deprived, and our moods were becoming quite gloomy. The eternal optimist in me was fading, and I knew I needed to do something to make myself happy. 

So I started taking pictures. 

Every single day.

I designed photo-a-day themes, and asked friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join in. 

I did this because I didn’t want to forget the good times, the cute times, the funny times. 

I didn’t want my sleep deprivation to only have me remembering the trips to the colic clinic.

Being a new mom was really tough for me. I cried a ton, had a ton of postpartum physical issues, and struggled with my new identity. 

But I made it through each day, largely because of the photos and memories I created. And now, I have photo books, and an awesome Instagram feed that brings me so much joy. 
If there’s one recommendation I could make to new parents, it would be to take a million pictures. 

Every day.

Join in a photo-a-day challenge on facebook or instagram, and get creative. 

Learn how to use some editing software, and play around with it when you’re up at 2 am doing a feeding.  

Take photos of the good, bad and funny times. 

Did I just suggest bad times? 


Because one day you’ll look back at a screaming photo and you may find it funny. Like we do with this one.

The idea is to make sure that your good memories last – because you will forget the bad ones. I promise. 
To help you preserve your memories for years to come, Similac StrongMoms has an awesome “Capturing Memories from Bump to Baby Giveaway!”

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  • Beginnings Baby Record Book

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  • A What to Expect When You’re Expecting® Book Set

Over 300 lucky moms will win instantly!
  • Similac® Prenatal Vitamins

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  • Shutterfly® Gift Cards

  • Snoogle® Full Body Pillows

  • Beginnings Baby Record Book

  • Medela® Pump in Style Breast Pump

  • A What to Expect When You’re Expecting® Book Set

Learn more about the giveaway here – Strong Moms Giveaway – and here are the rules

“The designers and manufactures whose products are featured in the giveaway are neither sponsors of nor affiliated in any way with this giveaway, nor do they endorse products or services of others included within the prize. All trademarks and service marks included on such products or services are property of the respective designers and manufactures.”

I wish you the best of luck in the giveaway – and want to remind you to capture as many memories as you can! 
Talk soon friends,

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