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“See Bonnie”
“Where’s Bonnie?”
“See Bonnie, Dada!”
That’s what my 2 year old son asks me almost three times a week. 
Bonnie, is my father in law’s (Grampy’s) dog. Bonnie is probably the most exciting and important thing in my son’s life as of present.

My son loves dogs. Adores them.  As a matter of fact, one of his FIRST signs for baby sign language was dog.  The kid would walk around half of the day tapping his thigh asking about Bonnie or any other dog walking down the road.

Of course, it probably didn’t help that I got him addicted to the “The Air Buddies” movies when I needed him to be preoccupied while I had him at my office.  For the uninitiated, the “Buddies” are the offspring of the ever famous “Air Bud” from when we were younger. They are Golden Retriever puppies and they play sports, and talk.  

Yes, you read that right.  It was like crack for my son.  Couldn’t get enough. 

All of the buddy movies….
But we couldn’t have a dog in our old apartment, and to be honest, I’m not ready for a dog. I don’t even find time to shower most days of the week while juggling my kids. I’m not ready to have to walk and pick up after a dog…even though I know we will probably get one one day.
So for now, our little lad gets his daily dose of dog through Grampy’s dog, Bonnie.

Which makes babysitting overnights at Grammy and Grampy’s house super fun, rather than sad because we are dropping him off. When Tall Mom and I have had to go out of town, and we have left our little lad with Grampy, our son hasn’t even shed a tear. 

He’s been more excited to see his furry best friend. 

His favorite shelter dog. 

Bonnie was rescued from a shelter a few years ago by my father in law, and is now treated to a life of love. She likes long walks on the beach, full bowls of Pedigree® dry adult dog food, and belly rubs. 

Oh, and, also when the grandkids visit – because they like to feed her extra treats. 

As you can see, Bonnie is slightly on the older side.  She’s about ten years old.  But, that does not stop her from interacting with my son, the other grand kids, or my in laws.  In fact, I’m quite positive that she is just as active now as she probably EVER was when she was younger.
The good thing is that my in laws do an amazing job taking care of her.  Their main priority is feeding her the right food which is why the ALWAYS feed her PEDIGREE® Of course, it helps that they have a membership at Sam’s Club so they can buy the stuff in mass quantity for a relatively cheap price.  The girl’s gotta eat 🙂
As a matter of fact, PEDIGREE® has committed to donating a bowl of dog food for ANY dog in need if you purchase a bag of PEDIGREE® at Sam’s Club during the month of October.
You can also post a pic of the dog you love on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LaterShelter for a chance to be featured on –  PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food for EVERY UPLOAD! 

Perhaps you can help save the next “Bonnie” for a kid like mine.
Trust me, if you do, you’re saving a parent like me HOURS of entertainment.  And that, my friend, is priceless.
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