For eight months I have almost exclusively breastfeed my son.  But, despite my best efforts, I’ve come to grips with the idea that I cannot always be by my Itty Bitty’s side. Sometimes I have to leave him with someone else – a sitter, a friend, grandparents, or even ::gasp:: Tall Dad 🙂

But, um, Houston, we’ve got a problem – my baby has become a food snob, or more appropriately, a BOOB SNOB.   He doesn’t like to drink out of bottles for anyone – sitters, friends, family members or even Tall Dad himself.  Sometimes, he will go on a food strike, and wait for me to come home to satisfy his snobbery.

We have tried several different types of bottles over the months, and didn’t have success until we tried the new glass bottle from Born Free.  Maybe it’s the size of the nipple, or the special device inside the bottle that helps control the flow, but whatever it is – Itty bitty now drinks from a bottle when I am away.

Born Free is a sister brand of Summer Infant – a Rhode Island based brand who’s products I already love and trust!  Born Free is also the first of its kind to design a line of BPA and PVC-free products!

The Born Free Glass Bottle Gift Set includes bottles and nipples in various sizes, a bottle brush/sponge, a nipple brush/sponge, and a formula dispenser.  Each bottle comes with special venting pieces, which are clinically designed to help with colic and gas.  It feeds the baby and creates a steady flow of liquid only when the baby sucks – just like breastfeeding!  

This gift set comes with two silicone sleeves to add a bit more grip to it and make it a little bit more safe for Itty Bitty. In regards to the cleaning system – it’s a sponge rather than a bristle brush, which is great because I feel like it cleans the bottles much better than any brush. There is even a separate sponge brush only for the nipples! For convenience sake, all bottle pieces are dishwasher safe, but I often wash the bottles and nipples by hand because its quick and easy. 

I would certainly recommend Born Free Glass Bottles to all my family members and close friends.  So, in an effort to benefit my awesome readers, I’ve teamed up with Born Free to host a giveaway for the same set that we have!  Just enter below. Good luck!

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Disclosure: I received a Born Free Glass Bottle Gift Set for my consideration while writing this review. No additional compensation was received for this post. As always, you have my promise that all the opinions written above are 100% honest – and I will only recommend products or services that I feel are a benefit to you – my reader!