Baby Led Weaning has been a blast so far for our family!  Itty Bitty is really starting to understand how to put the food in his mouth, and work with different textures and tastes.  One of the newest foods we have tried out has been eggs.  At first I hard boiled an egg and tried to give him the yolk, but it just became a crumbly mess. Next I made scrambled egg yolks, which he really seemed to love.  I continued with just egg yolks for a month, and at our 9 month check-in, my doctor told me that Itty Bitty could try eating the entire egg – yolk and white!  It was a huge success!

This video will show you how our little guy picks up the eggs.

Since we haven’t introduced whole cows milk, I used breast milk in these scrambled eggs.  You could also use formula, or probably even water.  I added a bit of garlic powder – which seemed to make a big difference to him! He loves garlic!
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What have you been told about egg allergies and babies?