I was never really a big fan of spring. It always seemed to be filled with rain, mud was everywhere, and end of the school year tests and grades always brought about extra amounts of stress. But something changed last year. I had my tiny baby last spring, and since then, I’ve seen the season in a whole new way.
I saw more flowers than I can ever remember.
Smelled the sweetest air, honeysuckle seemed to be everywhere! 
And I shared so many smiles with other new moms, basking in their post-birth glow! 
So I have turned a corner with spring. I’ve actually been looking forward to it.  
This winter has been a long one, but by now you probably have figured out that I love the snow, but I’m actually looking forward to spring. 
I can’t wait to hit Blackstone Boulevard once again.
Or see Itty Bitty’s face when the colorful flowers blossom!
So hello, Spring.  It’s nice to finally greet you with open arms.
What’s your favorite part about spring?